Photography: Ashton, Rockabilly Retro

Rockabilly Retro | Storybook Photography Well, in lieu of my daily posts, which have all but ceased as I try to utilize my husband’s photography skills and get over morning-sickness (which is getting worse and worse as we go, ugh), and by popular demand,  I wanted to start sharing my photography sessions again! I had quite a few at the end of the year last year, which was exciting, and this year I’m hoping to turn photography into an actual business (as I was mainly doing it as a hobby). This month, my husband and I are going to shoot a quick wedding, and then I’m going to do a maternity photoshoot, and I’m so excited for both of them! Rockabilly Retro | Storybook PhotographyRockabilly Retro | Storybook Photography Rockabilly Retro | Storybook Photography This is my gorgeous friend Ashton, who I met through a somewhat weird circumstance last year, and I adore her. She and I have so much in common — a love of pretty retro and vintage-ness, adoration of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly… and many other amazing things, and a love of musicals — and it’s always a blast to see her! I’m so thankful for the weird circumstance that happened, otherwise I would have missed out on such a great friendship! Rockabilly Retro | Storybook Photography Rockabilly Retro | Storybook PhotographyAnd, of course, to have another friend who will come over and willingly traipse around with me for photoshoots is always a plus.  Is she not gorgeous? Rockabilly Retro | Storybook Photography You can see the full set on my photography page, here. And, if you must have it, Ashton’s dress is from here. I want one. I have been thinking about doing some stylized shoots lately, possibly something wedding-related or princess related just for fun, but I don’t know anyone to be the man. I might use my stock of vintage to create a stylized wedding shoot with a fake bride and a few bridesmaids, but we’ll see! It would be kind of amazing to do a shoot like that. I love weddings. Even fake ones.

I hope you have all had a good week! I’ll be trying a bit harder this weekend to get more outfit pictures (last weekend, it rained and I was sick) so that I can post a bit more (and also, lifestyle pictures.)

Happy Thursday!


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  • Katie

    I love these photos! They seem to capture the personality of the model and I love the element of fun mixed with retro in them. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling super well…good thing the end result is worth it, huh?! 🙂