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    Seeewwwww Loneleeeee

    Excuse the random lolspeak title. I’m in a weird(a.k.a. normal) mood today. (Warning: this post is full of many random subject changes due to my mind having no sure direction and more than one thought at a time this morning.) The muse has returned! Grandma came home last night (she ran away. (went on vacation) ), and just as I had suspected, my lack of inspiration to write was directly related to living alone. I am not a live-alone person. At all. As I think I said in a post earlier this week. I get depressed, uninspired, subdued, and don’t feel like eating. Totally ┬ánot me at ALL. I’m generally…

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    This is My Story, and I’m Sticking To It.

    I thought I should write y’all a short update on life right now, if you care enough to wonder why I haven’t updated Fiction Press or written any blogs for a week and a half. I got back from New Mexico, where the weather hated me and I got heat exhaustion not once, but three times. While I was there, I visited Old Town Albuquerque, went to a lot of thrift stores (Albuquerque has the best ones!), got my nails done, and spent a lot of time prostrate on the bathroom floor hoping not to puke. The Cute Little Fox Albuquerque Airport I will never, ever do this again. For…

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