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    Sunday Sweets: Store Trip

    I am part of a group on Facebook called The Everyday Momtographer, for moms aspiring to capture the beautiful in everyday life, and every week there’s a new challenge. A few weeks ago, it was “in public” and we were challenged to document a trip outside of our own houses — to the park, to the store, on errands, wherever. So when we went for a short run to a small store near where we’re living, I timidly brought along the camera, sure someone would tell us we weren’t allowed to take pictures in stores. But nobody did, and I got some of my favorite pictures of Asa ever! I…

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    Sunday Sweets: Where My Heart Is

      A late Sunday Sweets post for you guys today! We were gone all day, and being me… I rarely schedule these things ahead of time! I took these photos a few weeks ago when the sun was absolutely perfect and my husband and Asa unwittingly matched. This is where my heart is. I hope you have all had a fantastic week! P.S. 14 days until Dressember! Are any of you going to do it? Even if you only do a week of dresses, it’s still a great way to spread the word! Bloglovin|Chictopia|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press

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    Sunday Sweets: Escape Artist

    He increasingly escapes from diaper changing time these days, with knowing how to roll away and sit himself up, and crawl backwards. We’re waiting for him to figure out forward motion, but since he knows he can sit up, he just pushes backwards until he’s on his butt, and hasn’t realized forward is a good option. Plus, he’s pulling himself up to his knees to get stuff off of the coffee table and couch now, so uh… we might have a straight-to-walking kid on our hands. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Bloglovin|Chictopia|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press  

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    Mama+baby style: the cat and the fox

    These past few days, I have not been feeling great about myself. About my body, about my abilities as a housewife, about my mothering… you know those moments, when there isn’t anything particularly bad about life, but it still just feels off to you? I’m going through one of those moments. And I am not crying out for comments that I don’t need to lose weight or I must be a great mother or whatever… I just want to talk about it. There are a lot of fashion bloggers who happen to be moms, but I don’t think many of them talk about life as a mom, and how it…

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    Sunday Sweets

    Just a few snaps I caught the other day of this precious little boy trying out his daddy’s hat. I cannot get enough. Those cheeks! Those eyes! That dimple! *heart explodes* Happy Sunday! Bloglovin|Chictopia|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press