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    Pumpkin extravaganza

    Earlier this week, after much oohing and ahhing and pointing on my part, my husband finally got the hint that we needed to buy a pumpkin. Now, I’m not much of a make-my-own-recipes-up kind of girl, but I can share the recipes I did use with you, and also let you know how to prep your pumpkin. Facebook tells me not a lot of people actually know how to do that. Prepping is way easier than pie: cut the pumpkin in half, scoop out the guts and seeds (save the seeds!), chop off the stem (this was the hard part) and bake cut-side down on foiled baking sheets at 350…

  • Life

    You wish you lived at my house.

    ┬áBecause I made pumpkin pie. With real (not canned) pumpkin. And fresh whipped cream. Oh yeah. I know. I’m awesome. Unless you don’t like pumpkin pie, that is. In which case, you can just have the whipped cream. Unless you’re lactose intolerant. In which case… um… I have granola bars? In other news, it’s my day off. Which means I will most likely not get dressed. I haven’t done that in a while. Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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  • Fashion

    Why yes, I did stick my cupcake in a tree.

    This might be my official blog post for today, even though I’d planned to do a book review. We’ll see how the day goes. I wanted to show you the finished cupcakes (previewed yesterday). I love them. I’m off to a tea party! To eat cupcakes, and other scrumptious things! Mara Outfit: Day three of the Alphabet of Color challenge. C is for Coral. I broke my rule of no buying clothing pieces until after I’ve lost weight… and bought this at Target instead of a pair of red tights last night. Can you blame me? The COLOR! Teehee. Sunglasses that I did not need. They were just fun.