Why yes, I did stick my cupcake in a tree.

This might be my official blog post for today, even though I’d planned to do a book review. We’ll see how the day goes.

I wanted to show you the finished cupcakes (previewed yesterday). I love them.

I’m off to a tea party! To eat cupcakes, and other scrumptious things!



Day three of the Alphabet of Color challenge. C is for Coral.

I broke my rule of no buying clothing pieces until after I’ve lost weight… and bought this at Target instead of a pair of red tights last night. Can you blame me? The COLOR!

Teehee. Sunglasses that I did not need. They were just fun.


  • foods for the soul

    Those look so adorable! The white pearl sprinkles make them look sophisticated at the same time. Shooting them on the grass and in the tree was such a creative idea–the bark’s texture makes for a really interesting backdrop!