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    Let’s Pretend This Never Happened | Book Review + Outfit

    I was first aware of Jenny Lawson when the Fug Girls included a link to the hilarious tweets she started getting in reply to her own moment of embarrassment. I’d kind of heard of The Bloggess here and there, but had never clicked over to her blog before then. And it’s a little weird to me to be reviewing the book of a fellow blogger (if I can even include myself in the same category as an award-winning blog and New York Times’ bestseller author which, let’s be honest, I can’t) because that puts her in a more attainable and relatable position than, say, ever meeting Stephen King or getting…

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    Oh. Em. Gee. A book review on a TUESDAY!

    So I may have just lowered my¬†perceived¬†age by about five more years with that title. I don’t actually say “oh em gee”… or type “omg”… ever. Except for just then. The typing part, I mean. And I suppose I have said “oh em gee” in mockery of people I know who actually do say “oh em gee” in all seriousness. After which I usually roll my eyes and shake my head and then realize that I shouldn’t be scoffing at them because I do a lot of things that are wayyyy more immature than saying “oh em gee.” Ahem. ANYWAY. I read a book. In time to review it. Not…

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    Book Review: No Country for Old Men

    I have a confession to make: I didn’t read the whole book. And there are three reasons for that: One, it reads almost exactly like the movie plays out and I’ve seen the movie about five times… in the last month (okay, so it may be one of my favorite movies). Two, it’s written in such a way that if I don’t finish it in the first sitting, I’ll never finish it. It’s only interesting if you start from the beginning and read all the way through. And Three, I’m an impatient and slightly (okay, very) distractable reader. The book begins with the narration of Sheriff Bell, and is written…

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