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Oh. Em. Gee. A book review on a TUESDAY!

So I may have just lowered my perceived age by about five more years with that title. I don’t actually say “oh em gee”… or type “omg”… ever. Except for just then. The typing part, I mean. And I suppose I have said “oh em gee” in mockery of people I know who actually do say “oh em gee” in all seriousness. After which I usually roll my eyes and shake my head and then realize that I shouldn’t be scoffing at them because I do a lot of things that are wayyyy more immature than saying “oh em gee.”



I read a book. In time to review it. Not that I was actually meaning to review this book- it’s not even on my list- but after watching a bunch of Vlog Brothers videos(yay nerds!), I got curious about John Green’s writing abilities, and I put the first of his books that came up on hold at the library.

And since none of the books on my list have come in yet, I’m reviewing this one.

So… y’know.

On with the review before I ramble my way out of time!

Plot synopsis: Quinten Jacobsen has always had a crush on Margo Roth Spiegelman. But in highschool, he is part of the nerds, and she is part of the cool crowd. He doesn’t see anything happening between them- not really- until, suddenly, she shows up at his window in the dead of night, dressed as a Ninja and wrangling him into a small series of adventures, revenge, and break-ins that takes all night. It’s the best night he’s ever had.

And then, suddenly, Margo disappears, and Quinten is left with just a few ambiguous clues and the belief that she wants him and solely him to find her. Whether she is dead or alive, he doesn’t know. But he risks friendships and school grades to find out where she is, what the clues mean, and whether the best night of his life will have been the last time he’d ever see the girl of his dreams (or so he thinks).

My thoughts: I loved it. It was hilarious and fun, mysterious and twisting, clever and ridiculous. There were a few teenage-boy-humor crude spots that I’d have liked left out, but overall, it was pretty good. I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.

I don’t seem to have as many words to say about it as I had thought I would.

Content-wise, I’d probably say the book has a PG-13 rating for some swearing, some crude snippets, and… drinking?

Overall, five stars. I’d read it again… but I am wary of recommending it, and I almost wasn’t going to review it, because there were a few offensive bits and pieces that I would heavily warn people of. No sex, just teenage boy weirdness. Y’know. Not my cup of tea, that stuff.

Otherwise, though, it was very entertaining. I may have laughed out loud more than once. At night. And then caught myself laughing out loud with a sudden start, because everyone else was sleeping and I needed to shush.

There you have it. A book review on time. Fancy that!



This is what I was wearing this morning. I am not going to wear it to work. But it was fun while it lasted.

It’s just a hair too crazy for me.

I did, however, have a lot of fun goofing around in the backyard.

I also impaled my thumb with a thorn on this very majestic and dirty stick. It hurt.

Apparently, I cannot fly.


  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    I always see this book in the library! I never thought to take it out, because… judging by its cover (bad habit of mine*) it’s clearly not my type of book. But I always see it when I’m scanning the shelves (another bad habit, seeing as my to-read list is so long I should not allow myself to ever do this)! Well, now I know that if I ever, for some reason, feel a strange urge to take it out and read it… I shouldn’t. I like to avoid books with crude content or cursing. (The drinking I don’t mind. :D) So thank you for the review!

    *More like “bad” habit. Because I don’t think it’s so bad. You can tell a lot about a book by its cover. Yes, the expression is not meant to be taken literally, but judging a book by the cover was chosen for the expression for a reason. And I don’t think much of their reasoning.

    • Mara

      It’s okay. We all judge books by their covers. And more often than not, I’ll grab a movie because it has a pretty cover. Generally I assume that if a book or a movie has a cool cover, it’ll be a good book. Doesn’t always hold true for books, but usually holds true with movies. Soooo… that is half the choosing process.

      Yeah, it would have been a great book but for the crudeness. I wish I could censor a copy for you. 🙂