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    Shaped by Style: Costume Inspiration

    A bit of a late post, but today I’m over on Shaped by Style sharing three costume ideas pulled straight from my closet (or easily thrifted.) Pop over to have a look and share your favorite easy costumes!  

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    The Difference Between Pregnancy #1 and Pregnancy #2

    With my first pregnancy, I was one of those women that other pregnant women seem to love to hate on the internet. It was a very, very easy pregnancy. I had about 4 weeks of mild only-on-the-weekdays nausea followed by 2 weeks of get-up -too-early-and-you’ll-puke, and then after that… I kind of forgot I was pregnant. I felt great, I felt beautiful, I felt like everyone should just always love pregnancy no matter what. (well, okay; I didn’t, I¬†wished everyone could feel the way I felt while I was pregnant with Asa, but I understood that wasn’t the case.) I only needed to sleep with pillow support between my legs…

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    October 1st

    I really, really wanted to do a first of October post, and it looks like I am just barely making it! I tried today, really I did, haha! But Asa is teething, and has been unusually clingy today. Which I don’t mind at all; that just meant I didn’t shower until he took his very short nap this morning, and then I spent most of the day between watching him and photographing more vintage items to go up in the shop, so I didn’t have time to snap actual outfit pictures until my husband got home. Isn’t this sweater just perfect for fall? I saw it and I HAD to…

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    Hello, Sweetie

    Thursday’s Clara Oswald inspired outfit has started a theme, you guys. Yesterday, I realized that this tunic is sort of reminiscent of what River Song wears in the “Let’s Kill Hitler” episode… and there’s that. I now have a Pinterest board that a friend and I are filling up with outfits from TV shows that we can actually create from our closets, and it’s so fun! You’re probably going to be seeing a lot more outfits inspired by TV characters now. I think this is my favorite thing to do, because it doesn’t have to be an all-out perfect cosplay, and it’s a good jump-start for days when I’m feeling…

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    The Impossible Girl

    So one of my friends posted a link to this awesome cosplayer on Facebook this morning, and after seeing one of the cosplayer’s Clara Oswald cosplays, I decided… today, I had to be Clara. It’s based on this outfit, from the Christmas Special, and while it’s not perfect… I’m actually pretty happy with it. I made do with what I had, and I like how it turned out! I just wish I had an actual white blouse instead of a gray tee shirt, but oh well. I have been meaning to do a Clara inspired outfit (or cosplay) for quite some time, but I never felt like I had the…