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The Difference Between Pregnancy #1 and Pregnancy #2

Vintage Hippie Dress, Nude Lipstick | www.eccentricowl.comVintage Hippie Dress, Nude Lipstick | With my first pregnancy, I was one of those women that other pregnant women seem to love to hate on the internet. It was a very, very easy pregnancy. I had about 4 weeks of mild only-on-the-weekdays nausea followed by 2 weeks of get-up -too-early-and-you’ll-puke, and then after that… I kind of forgot I was pregnant. I felt great, I felt beautiful, I felt like everyone should just always love pregnancy no matter what. (well, okay; I didn’t, I wished everyone could feel the way I felt while I was pregnant with Asa, but I understood that wasn’t the case.) I only needed to sleep with pillow support between my legs at around 7 months, and had no ligament pain outside of that. I had very few food aversions (bread and peanut butter), had no “bad” cravings, ate everything, loved red meat, stuck to a mostly Paleo diet, and really, really loved being pregnant. Except for the last two weeks, when I had a bad case of PUPPS followed by 68 hours of nonstop prodromal labor. That, I wasn’t so fond of. Vintage Hippie Dress, Nude Lipstick | This second pregnancy, however… it’s like night and day. I’m 14 weeks in and still feeling sick if I get up too early. I already need a pillow for support at night, and when I walk, it hurts. I hate the smell of meat cooking. I can’t stick to a Paleo diet because I hate meat and also any veggie that is not artichokes, asparagus, or (homemade) french fries. I try making green smoothies, and my stomach turns. I’m tired all the time. I feel chubby unless I’m wearing something that clearly emphasizes it’s a baby belly and not a donut belly. I never forget I’m pregnant; it’s always there. I gag every morning for no reason, and several times I’ve almost thrown up (literally, the dry heave before the real puke) while changing Asa’s full diapers, which NEVER made me sick before. I hate water.

Besides which, this pregnancy seems to have made me into an antisocial grouch in many ways, but especially when it comes to attention from my husband. I feel bad, but I just want to be left alone, which was not the case with pregnancy number one. I’m hoping all of these things will fade away as I get more settled into the second trimester, but I was feeling better by now with Asa so I’m in that stupid land of despair where I can’t convince my pregnant brain that things will get better. Vintage Hippie Dress, Nude Lipstick | Vintage Hippie Dress, Nude Lipstick | So, I am trying to enjoy what I can. The fact that my pregnancy cravings for artichokes means I’m less worried about how much they cost, because when I crave this little healthy food, I’d better eat the stuff that does sound good. The fact that I can say “the baby wants it” when my husband asks if we really need more chocolate. The fact that I have a husband who is understanding of my no-touchy-ness.

But really, I’m already looking forward to labor. To having a newborn to nurse and cuddle and stare at. To not being pregnant any  more. To my clothes fitting again. Vintage Hippie Dress, Nude Lipstick |

Dress, vintage/thrifted | necklace/crown, c/o Oasap (old) | boots, JC Penney | lipstick, Milani Nude Creme

But, at least I can enjoy wearing fabulous vintage that I wouldn’t choose normally, like this dress, whose print reminded one of my friends of abstract Daleks. Which, being a Doctor Who lover, made me adore it even more.

What differences did you mamas out there notice between pregnancy #1 and pregnancy #2? The night-and-day quality of mine so far has everyone convinced it’s a girl.

Happy Tuesday!


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  • Hannah Rupp

    I have zero experience with pregnancy but I know a lot about being sick and having a fussy stomach! No two days are alike for me. Breakfast is a usually a no-go but I had to wake up before 7 today and was cold and thought a decaf cup of tea would be a-ok. Three sips later and I totally regretted it. It took me at least 2 hours to get over feeling nauseous from it. (I learned my lesson and will not be doing that again! lol)

    Bad days suck but they just make the good days just that much more welcome! I hope for your sake that your pregnancy flies by. 😉

    • Amy

      You and I were pregnant at the same time (my child was born 1/8/14) and while you were feeling great and eating everything, I was feeling as you are feeling now. No food. No touching. And I had a girl.

  • Laurie

    Hi Hannah! (She’s my cousin.) Anyway, you sound a lot like I did with my last pregnancy and it ended up being a boy. My first two pregnancies were when I was much younger and were your typical pregnancies – morning sickness, nausea, feeling good for awhile and then ready to go into labor. I had one of each. My latest pregnancy happened a lot later in my life and boy, did he make sure I never forgot it! I was sick for the first trimester. I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of anything. I ate A LOT of saltines. I couldn’t wait for the “honeymoon” trimester, which I did much better. I couldn’t eat enough frozen yogurt, haha. And, by my third trimester, I was in “get this kid out of me” mode up until his due date – which is the day I had him. Now that he’s almost 2, I actually almost miss being pregnant – emphasis on the almost. But, looking at his happy little face everyday makes me realize that all that he put me through was sooo worth it. Hugs and prayers to you! It will be over before you know it. 🙂