• Fashion

    Playing dress-up

    This dress, you guys… this dress. Let me tell you a story about it. I was eight or so months pregnant and at Goodwill browsing the dresses for one or two more frocks to stretch over my then-42″ belly when my fingers brushed over a piece of fabric in the XL section. It felt vintage (if you’ve shopped and searched for vintage long enough, you get the feel  for it), and even though I don’t normally pick out black dresses (or wear black, for that matter), I pulled it out. The first thing I saw was the back: … the beautiful detailing of the pleats, the bow, the semi-ruching, the…

  • Photography

    We need a Rochester. Any volunteers?

     My friend Sarah and I had a photoshoot yesterday. We took 640 pictures, and out of those… approximately 30 turned out. In the rest, we were laughing. Or making faces. But here are the good ones, for your enjoyment. (Yes, we climb trees in Vintage dresses. Because we’re cool like that.) And yes, I had fun editing these. Can you tell?       I think this one looks like a movie poster. Yes. I’m supposed to be dead. And yes, I know. I forgot to round these corners. You can see the full set of pictures on Facebook, as well as some outtakes. Because we are pretty much total spazzes. I hope…

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