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    It’s An Old Story, But it’s Mine.

    I’ve decided to open up a little more than I generally do on the blog, and tell you about a something that might explain a little ¬†better why I am the way I am, and why I so strongly like courtship. About three years ago, I was introduced to this guy. I’ve mentioned him throughout a lot of my posts, but I’ve never actually put down the entire story. I was always afraid that he might read it and know it was him, ¬†or that someone in my family might read it and be disappointed in me. They saw us together, but I have no idea how much they know.…

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    Hello Again

    It’s been a while. A lot of things have happened since I wrote the last letter; we moved to Mississippi and back, moved to a different house, my nephew was born, I cut off all my hair. Oh, and I finished another novel, although I may never publish it. I feel as though I can finally call myself an author, now that I’ve actually finished two novels. Someday I’ll publish them; I finally felt God telling me to go ahead and really start thinking about it. And moving towards it. It all happened when I finally said goodbye to hopes of a continued friendship with a guy who, honestly, I…

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    A Love Letter

    I know I haven’t met you yet, and I may not know who you are for a long time. But I’m feeling longing tonight, so here’s a letter that you will read someday in the future. Lately, I have gotten the feeling that I may be single for a few years more. It bothered me at first; I’ve dreamed of meeting you and getting married since I was fourteen years old, and I hated the fact that maybe I’m not ready for marriage yet. I felt old. Yeah, sure, I’m only twenty-one. But my mom and my grandma both got married at eighteen, and I felt like I’m dropping the…

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