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A Love Letter

A Love Letter |  www.eccentricowl.com

I know I haven’t met you yet, and I may not know who you are for a long time. But I’m feeling longing tonight, so here’s a letter that you will read someday in the future.

Lately, I have gotten the feeling that I may be single for a few years more. It bothered me at first; I’ve dreamed of meeting you and getting married since I was fourteen years old, and I hated the fact that maybe I’m not ready for marriage yet. I felt old. Yeah, sure, I’m only twenty-one. But my mom and my grandma both got married at eighteen, and I felt like I’m dropping the ball. Like I’m three years late.

After a lot of prayer and some tears, though, I realized that it’s really okay that I haven’t met you yet. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you, so these few years of learning… they really aren’t much. I still long for and look forward to the day when you call me yours, but I’m no longer in such a hurry. Because I’ve realized that God’s still preparing me to meet you, and I don’t want to know you until I’m as perfect for you as I can be.

In the meantime, I’ll dream of you, and I’ll do whatever I can to become the woman you long for.

If you need a few pointers on how to catch me, since I’ve been told by my brother that boys are generally wimps when it comes to approaching pretty girls with confidence, here are a few things to help you catch my eye for good.

I’m a sucker for a man in a suit. I could pretty much guarantee you that if you have a suit on at our first meeting, even if it’s just a suit jacket, button-down shirt, and jeans… you’ve made an impression. I don’t fall for every man I meet who wears suit-coats, they’ve got to be special… and I haven’t ever met a guy in real life who had the melting impression on me. But you’ll be special. You’ll be mine, even though I don’t know it yet, and I’m going to fall for you eventually, anyway. Most guys, though, I just give them points for being well dressed. And then I usually move on.

Cologne is something else I have a hard time resisting. I love the smell of cologne. Musky, spicy cologne. I carried around the lid of my brother’s cologne just to smell it because I love that scent so much. I know, I’m strange. Get used to it. 😉

Bring along a kid, five years or younger, and love that kid… men who love kids is another weakness of mine. There’s just something about a man who gets joy from playing with and caring for children that lights up my heart and makes my day. It’s endearing, fun, and very sweet.

Oh, and if you want to get me something but aren’t sure what to give, flowers. Yeah, the old standby that a lot of girls might be annoyed with because they think that it’s a last minute thought. But I love flowers. Especially if you take the time to pick them out. My favorite color is red, roses are always good… and I absolutely love daisies.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step, either, because I’m not going to. I tried that once. It didn’t work. You’re going to have to do the pursuing, and once I’m absolutely sure you’re not joking… well…

But you know… none of the outer stuff is what I’m going to fall for. I know that. I’m going to fall in love with you because you’re you. Because you’re a man who isn’t perfect, and because you’re brave enough to tell me that you want me to be yours. I’ll fall in love with you because you love God, because you try to do the right thing, because… you’re mine. I’ll fall in love with your eyes, because I’ll learn to read everything you’re thinking. I’ve already fallen in love with you, and I don’t even know who you are.

Yet every time I think of you, I get excited. I look forward to the day I finally know that you’re you. I have this certainty that you’ll be the only man I ever fall for, the first man I ever give my heart, the man who fulfills my dreams beyond anything I could ever imagine. I look forward to learning everything about you there is to know, I look forward to living my life with you, and I look forward to holding your hand and walking along the path of life God sets before us.

No matter what happens, no matter what hardships we go through, no matter where God takes us… I will always love you. And only you. You already own my heart.