New Year’s Day

  The first day of a new year is such a strange and wonderful thing. It feels almost like any other day, but you know that it has begun an entire new set of events that have yet to happen. You look forward with anticipation, hope, resolve, and perhaps even a little bit of fear,… Read More New Year’s Day

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Bohemian Lace

Let me preface this by saying: the more I look at this outfit, the less I like it. I like the pieces in and of themselves, but all together… eh. Oh well. You can’t always hit the mark perfectly, especially when you’re blogging every day! Today is a day for laziness, for cuddling up on… Read More Bohemian Lace



One of the reasons I try to blog every day is so that I actually get dressed every day. I’m not going to lie: if you don’t see a blog post, that means I’m spending the day in my yoga pants and this tee shirt. But recently, my husband jokingly said “One of these days,… Read More Transitioning