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    So here’s a thing you don’t know about me, which perhaps I shouldn’t be sharing because you might think it’s gross, but… uhm… I don’t wash my thrifted clothes unless they actually smell or look dirty. Most of the stuff I’ve thrifted smells like laundry detergent, and I figure… hey, if it smells clean, it probably is! Right? Anyone? Yeah. My husband thinks it’s gross and I avoid telling him I haven’t washed a thrifted shirt. Usually I get away with it. But obviously if it just smells old or has stains or feels groaty, I’ll wash it! Point being, I got this shirt and sweater from Goodwill the other…

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    Sponsor Spotlight: Mess of a Dreamer Design

     Today I would love to introduce Mess of a Dreamer Design as one of my new sponsors. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because she kindly made and sent me these owl earrings, which are now some of my new favorites! I highly covet the lighthouse necklace, which you see above (or here), and those wolf earrings might be calling my name. I can’t wait to see what lovely things she comes up with next. As an added bonus, she and I share a name, which means you know she’s going to be awesome. So what are you waiting for? Head over and check out Mess of a Dreamer Design.…

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    More Clothes I Do Not Have.

    Yes, more Polyvore. I am addicted to that site. Day Dress by UrbanHoneyPioneer featuring Forever21 The Green Dress by UrbanHoneyPioneer featuring Alexis Bittar jewelry I’ve made two other… three others… and a living room. But I particularly liked these two. I’ve found that I’m drawn towards  really soft, really feminine, flowery looks, or all mainly one color… and I love yellow. *sigh* I only wish that it looked good on me. I’ll just have to stick with yellow shoes and accessories for my yellow fix. And before long, this blog is going to be mainly fashion. 😛 I could make fifty new polyvore outfits in a day and not be…

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