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So here’s a thing you don’t know about me, which perhaps I shouldn’t be sharing because you might think it’s gross, but… uhm… I don’t wash my thrifted clothes unless they actually smell or look dirty. Most of the stuff I’ve thrifted smells like laundry detergent, and I figure… hey, if it smells clean, it probably is! Right?


Yeah. My husband thinks it’s gross and I avoid telling him I haven’t washed a thrifted shirt. Usually I get away with it.

But obviously if it just smells old or has stains or feels groaty, I’ll wash it!


Point being, I got this shirt and sweater from Goodwill the other day, and they both smell like laundry detergent SO… I did not wash them. Because I wanted to wear them right away and I’m not patient enough to shove them in the washer and dryer for 3 hours.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.


However, if I thrift clothes for my child, I will definitely wash them. You never know what’s on kids clothes.

Speaking of kids, I never feel like I’m as pregnant as I look. But, you guys, I have started to waddle. And now I understand the real reason pregnant women waddle; it’s not because your hips widened and you just can’t walk properly, or because you’ve gained a bunch of weight and that makes you walk like a penguin, no. It’s because your body has decided to stretch in preparation for the baby, and you suddenly feel every day as if you’ve just ridden a bike for like… fifty million hours.

Seriously. I have never been this constantly sore in my life.


It’s just like… every morning I wake up, and my body thinks it’s funny to make getting out of bed a chore.

But hey, if this is the worst thing I have to experience (other than, you know, actually birthing the baby), I can take it. I think. I might whine a lot, and every time my husband complains he’s sore because of work I now just burst out “I’m sore ALL THE TIME FOR NO REASON” in a slightly sarcastic but mostly humorous way, and I might tell him it’s all his fault… but uh… you know.

I’m just preparing him for what is to come when I’m in labor and regretting ever getting pregnant. Haha!


So I’m really  not getting tired of this necklace yet. I have to admit, I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I got it, with every single outfit I wear, no matter what. It is literally the PERFECT necklace and goes with everything.

I’m having to restrict myself from wearing it today with my newly acquired Back To The Future shirt (partially, got it because I’m nerdy. Mostly, got it because the husband is way nerdier), because I have two other pieces of Oasap jewelry that I haven’t worn yet and I need to display those too.



Well, yesterday I actually accomplished getting the dishes done– albeit really late at night and then my husband started forbidding me to clean any more, after which I sneakily also picked up the downstairs bit by bit every time I came down to get food or go to the bathroom — so today I am feeling MUCH better about just taking my not-working time to just relax. I plan to do laundry (easy) and catch up on reading blogs.

I also need to waddle over to the mailbox and send off some bills (yes, I am one of those old fashioned people who still mails in payment)… and probably write thank-you cards for my baby shower and send those out too… but for now, we’ll just work on actually getting to the mailbox.

And I need to make some Paleo Mayo. Which is fun to say out loud because it rhymes.


Distinctive Short Necklace c/o Oasap | thrifted shirt and jacket | Motherhood jeans | JC Penney Motorcycle boots

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


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  • Myranda Walno

    Umm… guilty! I try to always wash before wearing but it doesn’t always happen. Baby clothes, always… And the soreness is the worst! I remember feeling like I had badly pulled a groin muscle from about 29 weeks onward… You have my sympathy for sure! You sure find the cutest thrifted stuff… what’s your favorite haunt?

  • Marla Rogers

    I definitely don’t wash thrifted things either…woops. Patience is too hard sometimes haha. But really you have the best skills in thrifting, I’m so jealous. And that necklace is perfect, I would wear it every day too!

  • Salazar

    One: this is such a cute outfit. That cardigan is to die for!

    Two: well, I used to not wash thrifted things, but then I think about how many people may have touched them already no matter how nice they smell, so I always make sure to rinse them quickly first. I don’t bother with washing machine, sometimes I even use the sink. But that was back when I was still thrifting. Now I mostly wear hand-me-downs from my mom and my sister, so of course there’s no need to wash them first unless they’ve been stuffed in the closet for a very long time 😛

  • Desarae

    Look at you!! You are wearing JEANS, and you did a beautiful job of styling them. Pshh, I’ll never believe you again when you say you don’t wear jeans ’cause you don’t know how to style them. 😉