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    One Year Old

    Dear Asa, Today you are one year old. It’s hard to believe that a year ago today, you were just an itty bitty 8 pound baby, and now here you sit a solid 25. You can stand by yourself, you chat with me and daddy and grandma and pretty much everyone (or yourself, if nobody is around) and it’s very rare that you aren’t making some sort of noise while you’re awake. You just recently learned how to play peekaboo, after a week or so of my moving your hands for you, and now it has turned into a hilarious game of you smushing and slapping your own face to…

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    A Love Letter

    I know I haven’t met you yet, and I may not know who you are for a long time. But I’m feeling longing tonight, so here’s a letter that you will read someday in the future. Lately, I have gotten the feeling that I may be single for a few years more. It bothered me at first; I’ve dreamed of meeting you and getting married since I was fourteen years old, and I hated the fact that maybe I’m not ready for marriage yet. I felt old. Yeah, sure, I’m only twenty-one. But my mom and my grandma both got married at eighteen, and I felt like I’m dropping the…

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