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    30 Days of Dresses: Color Clashing

    While Mr. Owl was taking these pictures of me at the park, a lady with a dog came up and said “want a dog in your pictures? She’s real photogenic!” at which moment… the dog started to take a dump in the grass. It was lovely. And then the lady stood there and watched us for a few minutes. It was the first instance where we’ve had someone just stand there and stare while we were taking pictures. So awkward. So very, very awkward. Especially with the dog in the background… doing its business without a care as to who was watching. Oh, dogs. I have discovered that I love…

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    30 Days of Dresses: It doesn’t get any girlier than this.

    I don’t think I have worn this much pink… ever. Since I was a kid. Pink has never been amongst my favorite colors, possibly because it’s hard to find a good pink for my skin tone, and possibly because I’ve always been the one who wanted to be different. If girls were supposed to love blue, I’d probably decide my favorite color was yellow. …yellow is a good color. But that wasn’t the point. I do love the pink of this dress. And also the bow-print. I may have to do some dress-surgery, though, because the original bodice is not flattering. I tied up the sleeves, so you can’t see how…

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    Just a note.

    Hi. I don’t have much time, but I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still alive. And that I feel very fashion-blogger-y today. It’s my first time mixing florals. I love it. And, most importantly, that my “n” works now! For the most part. I hope you are all having a good week so far! (details: everything thrifted.)

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    I get hives for you.

     Details: Shirt($3.99), belt ($2.99), flower ring ($1.99)and shoes (2.49), thrifted; Dress (gift), American Eagle; Necklace(gift), Target; Turquoise ring, inherited. Approximate outfit cost:  $11.46 (the dress was around $20, so say $31.46 for those of you that wouldn’t have gotten it as a gift.) The title of this blog reads a bit creepier than it sounded in my head. Sorry about that. But I did literally get hives, all for the sake of a few pictures. See… as stated in that sidebar thing, I’m allergic to pretty much everything. I didn’t used to be, I just sort of… grew into my allergies. And this morning, I thought it might be fun– at…