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    Photography: a new site, and a much happier photographer

    So most of you know that aside from fashion blogging, I have joined up with my husband as a photography team. I’ve been testing several different options for an online porfolio that includes a blog — because, you know, blogging is my jam — and I had settled on a mediocre platform that was focused towards photography portfolios. But I really didn’t like the way it was set up, and how you had to actually edit the site every time you wanted to share a blog post. Uploading photos was complicated, inserting images into the posts was a chore, and random spaces showed up in my posts which… was pretty…

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    Photography: Ashton, Rockabilly Retro

    Well, in lieu of my daily posts, which have all but ceased as I try to utilize my husband’s photography skills and get over morning-sickness (which is getting worse and worse as we go, ugh), and by popular demand,  I wanted to start sharing my photography sessions again! I had quite a few at the end of the year last year, which was exciting, and this year I’m hoping to turn photography into an actual business (as I was mainly doing it as a hobby). This month, my husband and I are going to shoot a quick wedding, and then I’m going to do a maternity photoshoot, and I’m so…

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    Sunday Sweets: Play

    A few snapshots from the last month or so of Asa’s playtime. He’s a royal mess-maker, this one! But a cute one. Happy Sunday! Bloglovin|Chictopia|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press

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    Sunday Sweets: Store Trip

    I am part of a group on Facebook called The Everyday Momtographer, for moms aspiring to capture the beautiful in everyday life, and every week there’s a new challenge. A few weeks ago, it was “in public” and we were challenged to document a trip outside of our own houses — to the park, to the store, on errands, wherever. So when we went for a short run to a small store near where we’re living, I timidly brought along the camera, sure someone would tell us we weren’t allowed to take pictures in stores. But nobody did, and I got some of my favorite pictures of Asa ever! I…

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    Sunday Sweets: Asa and Russell

    Asa: onesie and socks, Target | hat, homemade gift | jeans: handmedowns. Blanket, self-made. Asa and his two-month-old cousin Russell, hanging out and being cute. As little boys do. Happy Sunday! Bloglovin | Chictopia | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press