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    My Moon, My Man

    I have had this song stuck in my head all day. Actually, make that the last two days. I sang it in the shower last night, at work yesterday, at work this morning, between pictures today… it’s a catchy tune. I realized the other day– when I posted that photoshoot of myself— that I’ve been downplaying my tendencies to edit my pictures because I’ve sort of… unconsciously been trying to “fit in” with all the other fashion bloggers. Who don’t really edit their pictures at all. And it wasn’t until someone commented that the pictures looked more artistic than my normal that I realized I was doing this. I was…

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      I may or may not be (but it’s more likely the first option) be addicted to these boots. I’ve worn them three days in a row now, and I have no intention of wearing any other shoes unless I have to go to work or it’s not raining. (Well… okay, so I’m only going to choose different shoes if I have to go to work.) Now, I was going to wear this outfit yesterday, but then I discovered that there’s an odd stain on the bodice of the dress I was wearing, so I changed out the dress (which I was actually wearing as a shirt) for a sweater,…

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    Foiled again.

     I really wanted to do a fun, weird, random photoshoot today involving a dark red sheet as the backdrop, a full-face mask, and a 1950’s style dress, but then I realized that my camera’s batteries  need to be recharged. That, and I really don’t feel like doing my hair and makeup. It’s my day off. I get lazy. So instead, you can have a gander at my outfit from yesterday. I took these right after I got off work– and no, I did not wear these boots to work… although I would have liked to. Because they are rather amazing. I’ve worn them three or four times since I bought…

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    I would like to be a cat.

      Today is one of those days where I am really jealous of my cat, who gets to curl up on her favorite fuzzy blanket and sleep all day. I would really like to do that. I don’t want to shave my legs (tmi alert: I didn’t.), I didn’t want to take a shower (but I did), I don’t want to get dressed (but I have to), and I would really like to lounge around in my spandex workout pants all day, but alas (but not really alas, because I like my job) I have to go to work. And while I am making some semblance of an effort to…

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    Almost to the weekend

    Since today is the first day this week that I’ve gotten home before seven pm, and also since I have a new show from the library that I want to watch, and because I took 189 pictures and only mildly liked 9 of them, I’m just going to leave you with the few outfit photos I liked, and wish you a happy weekend. Apparently, the ground was very interesting today. Have a happy weekend! Details: Dress ($4.99), thrifted; scarf, too old to remember; shoes ($6.something), Target; Necklace, I don’t remember. Do your own math.