Fashion,  Scarf challenge



I may or may not be (but it’s more likely the first option) be addicted to these boots. I’ve worn them three days in a row now, and I have no intention of wearing any other shoes unless I have to go to work or it’s not raining. (Well… okay, so I’m only going to choose different shoes if I have to go to work.)

Now, I was going to wear this outfit yesterday, but then I discovered that there’s an odd stain on the bodice of the dress I was wearing, so I changed out the dress (which I was actually wearing as a shirt) for a sweater, and lost the trench coat. But it was too pretty not to show you all, and I’m too lazy to take pictures of myself today, so here you are.

I had also forgotten that I have a deep love for polkadots, and thus this skirt. I should wear it more.

I really loved this outfit. I felt very… I don’t even know. Delicate with the detailing on the dress shoulder, and a little… gypsyish with the boots and the flow of the skirt. It’s a fun combination.

For some reason, almost all of the pictures I took yesterday were motion-blurred. Which was frustrating. My timing was just off. I blame the rain.

I have decided I should wear pearl headbands (or necklaces as headbands) more often.

My dad brought me this old suitcase. I love it. It’s kind of moldy inside, but hey. That’s what bleach is for, right?

I hope you are all having a beautiful Monday!


  • Demy

    Hiii!!! How are you? 😀
    You do look amazing!!! This lipstick makes you even prettier wow!!! And the trench is a beauty. Actually everything is beautiful, the scarf is adorable, the skirt is awesome and don’t get me started on the boots!!!! How could you not be addicted with them? I would become a thief for them! I would waste the best years of my life in jail lol! Ok, now I AM exagerrating (not really, though :P). To me, the whole outfit looks very English. I mean, it’s so chic, but not in the parisienne way. You should be English, I insist! Oh btw, you’re right, you should wear pearl headbands more often, they look so cute on you 🙂