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    30 Days of Self Portraits: Motherhood

    A Beautiful Mess has challenged their readers to join them in a 30 day self-portrait challenge, and I’ve decided to join in! Since I take all of my own photos anyway, it will be fun to practice my photography skills (especially since I hope to use them professionally!) But the difference between self-portraits and fashion pictures? I think the self-portraits will be more personal; I’d like to try to put something I love into each of them (something I’m passionate about, or what makes me who I am; books, writing, homemaking, motherhood, marriage… etc) instead of focusing on outfits. Plus, I’ll probably be more experimental with my self-portrait shots than…

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    The Monster with the Scarf

    Well, this post will definitely be much longer than last week’s photo journal. I did two things this week that merited quite a few pictures: I hosted a bridal shower, and I spent a couple of days in Seattle with a friend of mine. And I make cake, had a piece, and got sick to my stomach. I really shouldn’t have sugar. It was good, though.   And in Seattle, my friend and I went to a store called Lush. I’m really sad that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, because it’s such a fun store. Oh well. (results of Lush.) Unfortunately, I didn’t get very many pictures of us-…

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