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    Poison Ivy

    So I am definitely not happy with today’s post, other than the makeup. But then, considering that this character is usually REALLY… uh… slutty… well. It’s the best I could do. Makeup-wise, I took inspiration from this picture, the purple flower in her hair, and… of course, lots of green. I would have loved to have done a more fitted dress, or perhaps green pants and a tee, or to have been covered in vines and leaves, but oh well! Next time, when I have more time and energy and costume material.   I am mostly happy with how the makeup turned out, though! I think I also want to try…

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    This was when it started snowing… obviously… and I was happy then. So very happy. See my bliss? I want more snow. I really want more snow. But it stopped, I went to Target for brown eyeliner… and came home with some faux-snakeskin heels that I LOVE. They are beautiful and snakey and tall and stiletto and were on sale and my size and… and… and… um… I love them. Welcome to the shelf,  24th pair of heels. Fact: my best friend’s shoe collection consists of about eight pairs of black, white, or blue tennis shoes/sneakers and one pair of chunky goth platform high heels. My shoe collection consists of…

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