This was when it started snowing… obviously… and I was happy then. So very happy.

See my bliss? I want more snow.

I really want more snow.

But it stopped, I went to Target for brown eyeliner… and came home with some faux-snakeskin heels that I LOVE.

They are beautiful and snakey and tall and stiletto and were on sale and my size and… and… and… um… I love them.

Welcome to the shelf,  24th pair of heels.

Fact: my best friend’s shoe collection consists of about eight pairs of black, white, or blue tennis shoes/sneakers and one pair of chunky goth platform high heels. My shoe collection consists of 24 pairs of mostly stiletto heels in various colors and textures, five pairs of flats with bows or ruffles… also in various colors, one pair of boots… and a very old pair of tennis shoes that I can no longer find.

I really love how different best friends can be.

Disclaimer: this dress shrank in the wash, and is now one or two inches shorter than it was when I first got it. I never wear it without tights or leggings of some kind. And I didn’t realize just how short it was until I saw myself in the dressing room mirror as I was leaving the store. So I may have to add a border around the bottom to make it longer, or let it go to someone who is much, much shorter than me. ¬†Sigh.