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    A Call for July Sponsors

    I’ve been accepting sponsors for two months now, but I kept forgetting to do an actual sponsor call post until far after the first of the month. Mostly because I am forgetful and not used to having sponsors. But this time, thanks to being caught up on bloglovin’, I’m actually calling sponsors before the month starts! So! If you would like to sponsor Eccentric Owl, you can check out my sponsor page and get  back to me, or email me at marabird[at]eccentricowl.com.  I am accepting most any type of sponsor whether you be a blog or a shop or… well, I don’t know what else there is… but y’know. I…

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    Sponsor Me!

    I am now accepting sponsors for Eccentric Owl! Currently, the blog connects with over 1,000 subscribers via email, bloglovin’, facebook, and twitter, and gets between 300-500 hits daily, with the stats on a consistent rise. As a budget fashion blog, I believe in offering affordable rates to my sponsors. If you would like to advertise your blog or business in the sidebar, you can click here to see my rates and the ad sizes. Sponsorship includes: Product Reviews Styled My Way Giveaways Exclusive Discounts Sponsor Spotlight And all of my outfit posts are also posted to Chictopia, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin’,and  Pinterest! Of course, while I will consider all sponsorship and product offers, I…

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    St. Patrick’s Day.

    So, as you probably guessed by the title, this is what I wore for St. Patrick’s day. I didn’t want to go overboard with all-green (I could have. I’ve got green tights, this skirt, and a few green sweaters… or I just bought green pants), and this skirt originally came with a pink belt, so I had to wear the pink tights. This skirt is also part of tomorrow’s tutorial on how to shop like a genius. (Yes. I am calling myself a genius. y’know. Not that I’m vain or anything. Hehe.) I won’t spoil it for you, but this and three other skirts were part of a  pretty smart…