• Fashion

    Firmoo, part two: Stripes, bikes, and tortoishell frames

    This is the other pair of frames that Firmoo sent me. I LOVE them. They might replace my old glasses as my daily frames, because they’re just so perfect! The frames are super pretty, and I think they fit my face perfectly, and they’ve got that style reminiscent of the 50’s, which I absolutely adore. Perfection! These are the glasses I was looking for when I first updated my frames, and got talked out of getting. Of course, the place I was looking didn’t have frames nearly as amazing as these ones! In other news, my birthday is tomorrow! I’m so, so excited! I cannot wait to find out what…

  • Fashion

    Floral pants for spring

    I chose this shirt along with a dress from a giveaway I won from Shannon Hearts/The Jean Girl, and I wasn’t actually sure if I would like the length. Usually, these types of shirts don’t fit over my hips if they fit the rest of me, but this one is flared just barely enough to fit and skim perfectly without looking too blousy! I love it. Especially because it goes perfectly with these floral pants! I adore them, but this is the first shirt I’ve found that I really love with them! I’ve been trying to find new places around our house to take outfit pictures, and this little glen…

  • Life

    Life lately, according to Instagram

    1. The sky this morning was AMAZING. And you can’t tell in the picture, but in the distance there were gorgeous hazy  mountains, and the water was all pink and the skyline was rosy… so pretty. 2. My outfit today. I love it. I’m wearing a scarf as a belt, and I think coral and blue is my favorite combo EVER. I need more coral! 3. Lunch! Minus the homemade Whole30 approved devilled eggs which are fantastic, if I do say so myself… 4. the most amazingest carrots I have EVER had, thanks to this recipe. I have now purchased her cookbook. I don’t like carrots. These were THAT GOOD.…

  • Home

    Spring is Here!

    After playing with Tumblr for a while, I decided that I still like WordPress’ picture displays. My Tumblr blog will be solely used for video uploads, and the random quotes I find and like. 🙂 Anyway. Spring has finally arrived! I have proof: This is the cherry tree in my back yard. It’s SO beautiful! Okay. Going back outside to pick some flowers. And maybe let my paper-white skin soak in a little sun. I’m pale enough to blind people in direct sunlight! Mara