• Fashion

    My moose has abs.

    I had myself another adventure in the woods today. I kind of wonder what my neighbors think of me prancing around the woods in heels and a skirt, hauling a stool and a camera around and taking pictures of myself. Hmm. I really ┬áhope that they’re gone during the day. I’m trying out new makeup today. Well, sort of new. More eyeliner and definition. I think I like it. It’s darker in person than on camera.

  • Writing

    Hmmm. Yes. Well, so much for that.

    One of my resolutions this year was to write every day- and blogging doesn’t count. But I’ve run into a bit of an obstacle. Mainly, my laptop’s power cord is on the fritz and either doesn’t charge at all, or gets incredibly hot while charging and becomes a bit of a fire hazard. And I don’t have the money at the moment to buy a new cord. Thus… writing anything other than blogs- which I can do from my parents’ computer- becomes a bit hard. Also, I really dislike typing on this keyboard. It types like the keys are all on a pad of felt. So I’ll have to give…

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