Hmmm. Yes. Well, so much for that.

One of my resolutions this year was to write every day- and blogging doesn’t count.

But I’ve run into a bit of an obstacle. Mainly, my laptop’s power cord is on the fritz and either doesn’t charge at all, or gets incredibly hot while charging and becomes a bit of a fire hazard. And I don’t have the money at the moment to buy a new cord. Thus… writing anything other than blogs- which I can do from my parents’ computer- becomes a bit hard.

Also, I really dislike typing on this keyboard. It types like the keys are all on a pad of felt.

So I’ll have to give in and modify that resolution to “after I get a new power cord, write every day” and leave it at that.

I suppose I could write on my parents’ computer, since I’ve uploaded all of my stories to my google document files, but I didn’t upload the newest bits of Sweet Ireland Air to my documents. So I can’t continue my work on it via another computer. And Sweet Ireland Air has been on my mind a lot lately.

Maybe I’ll try to work on another story- out of the fifty gazillion I have- while my own computer is unusable. That, or I could just read books, get things done around the house, and write by hand. You know, and actually  be productive in real life. 😉

The only two good shots I got… and there are blurry things in both of them.

Ah well.

I sort of really love these tights.