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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today, I am thankful for so many things: my caring, hardworking, crazy, weird, hilarious, sexy, loving, amazing husband; the baby who gets more and more active every day (especially when there’s food!); my family (including my in-laws), which grows bigger and more amazing every year; and the little things. A roof over our heads, food to eat, a great job, this blog. I am so blessed some days I just can’t believe it! I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful day! bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press

  • Fashion

    Giving Thanks

    This was my Thanksgiving outfit. I am thankful for twirly skirts, a certain dashing man, and the fact that I’m going to be a married woman in eleven days and I have yet to lose my mind. Although there have been a few emotional breakdowns. But seriously, you guys… I’m going to be married in a week and five days. That is… insane. And exciting. And scary (responsibilities like never before! But the thought of being married to Mr. Owl forever isn’t scary. Just thought I’d clarify). And sometimes overwhelming. And ultimately amazing. And this was the part of the shoot where I tried to strike a model pose and ended…

  • Letters,  Love

    And when I stop to think, I find there’s more to be thankful for every year.

    I am thankful for the little things, and the big things. I  am thankful for my nieces. For my soon-to-be nephew. I am thankful for my family that lives far away. I am thankful for finally being able to  live at home, And for being able to cuddle with my animal after over three months of severe allergic reactions. I am thankful for the early, early snow. I am thankful for many, many, many blankets. Also, for the working furnace, the eradication of rats in the ductwork, and the pellet stove. And warm socks. I am thankful for my best friend. For our text messaging late at night, And random conversations…