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    One Shirt Three Ways | Wire and Honey

    Happy Monday! Today I am really excited to share a new adventure for Eccentric Owl: being a permanent guest blogger over at Wire and Honey! A little while ago, Sarah posted in a clothing group I belong to on Facebook asking if there were any bloggers out there who would like to contribute to the blog section of her online shop. She wanted to up her game in the blogging area, and thought that having a few guest bloggers would really add some fun to what she already has going. And, since I’m always looking for new opportunities and challenges, I immediately jumped for it. I was so excited when…

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    Hearts and Tulle | Shaped by Style

    I know, I know. This skirt again. And it’s not the last time. But for now, hop over to Shaped by Style to see the rest of how I styled Lyndsey‘s darling heart print top and, I know, the tulle skirt of everyone’s dreams. Bloglovin|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press|Etsy|Photography  

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    A Tale of Two Outfits

    Much like most little girls, when I was little I really wanted to be a ballerina. I loved the costumes, the pirouettes, the grace, the glamour, the ballet shoes; I would have loved to have joined the ranks of fluffy tutus and ribbons around my ankles to learn how to move my body with such precision and elegance. But I grew up poor – though I never knew it – and my parents couldn’t afford to put me in dance. So I read my ballet books, put on my fluffiest skirts, and just pretended. When the year came in our church’s Christmas play that they asked myself and another girl…

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    The frivolity of being

    Postpartum depression is an odd thing. The way that it comes and goes without warning never ceases to catch me off guard; one moment I am fine and the next something has touched that deep sadness in me and it rises up to be prominent for a few days before sinking back down again. It’s not constant. It’s not predictable. It’s barely definable, to me. This past weekend started with the slow rise of PPD, and I find myself today feeling the ache more than ever. I’ve noticed recently that certain people I know make it better or worse; certain situations, or sequences of events, lead to my feeling a…