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One Shirt Three Ways |

Happy Monday! Today I am really excited to share a new adventure for Eccentric Owl: being a permanent guest blogger over at Wire and Honey! A little while ago, Sarah posted in a clothing group I belong to on Facebook asking if there were any bloggers out there who would like to contribute to the blog section of her online shop. She wanted to up her game in the blogging area, and thought that having a few guest bloggers would really add some fun to what she already has going. And, since I’m always looking for new opportunities and challenges, I immediately jumped for it. I was so excited when she responded that she loved my style, and even more excited when she asked if I’d like to blog monthly!

So, to keep my Wire and Honey posts a little different from what I usually post here, I’m going to start a monthly series on how to style problematic items in your wardrobe, or — as seen today — how to style one item in several different ways to get out of a style rut. I’ve had this plaid shirt sitting in my closet for a little while now. Since I hadn’t worn it at all, I thought it would be the perfect garment to start with.

I am SO excited about this whole adventure, and styling plaid for today’s post was so much fun. I can’t wait to share again next month!

Pop over to Wire and Honey to read the full post.


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