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    Wedding: Planning on a Budget

    First of all: this is the veil I wore for my wedding. I adore it, and I cannot wait to show you how the entire ensemble went together… but I have to wait for wedding pictures to share it all. So, there’s a tidbit for you. ūüėČ Someone suggested the other day that I do a wedding-planning tips post, and since I’m a huge fan of staying on budget and not overspending on things, it sounded like a fun idea to me. So, for all of you brides-to-be who are overwhelmed by the cost of weddings, or who are on a very tight budget: here are the things I learned…

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    Wedding: Invitations!

    On Monday, my mom and I went shopping for invitation paper. I hadn’t really worked on invitations much, other than asking Mr. Owl if he would draw some up for us, but suddenly I realized… oh my goodness, it’s almost six weeks I NEED TO GET STUFF DONE! So, this is what I have been doing. Remember those really awesome nerdy invitations I drooled over a while ago? Mr. Owl and I recreated them in our own way, and we’re putting them together on Monday. I’m incredibly excited! Of course, I am not going to be hand-painting all of the invitations; we’re having them printed this weekend in gold ink.…

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    Wedding: The Rings

    Ever since we’ve started making wedding plans (aka… since two days after the engagement, basically), Mr. Owl has consistently insisted that he could get me a “better” ring than the one he got me. I happen to absolutely adore the ring he got me and would happily use it as a wedding ring, too, except for the fact that he’d like our rings to semi-match, and he’s getting a gold band. I never knew how difficult it was to find pretty gold wedding rings. Seriously. It’s like nobody makes beautiful gold wedding rings– they’re all either really gaudy/weird, or really plain– and every design that looks nice and delicate is…

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    Wedding: Nerdy Invitations

    I’m still alive, I promise! I had planned to take outfit pictures yesterday, but then Mr. Owl injured himself at work (nothing’s broken, just badly bruised), so now my photographer is incapacitated and I can’t steal his camera to take my own pictures because his camera is being dumb. Since most of the recent posts have been wedding, I thought I’d show you all the nerdiest and most desireable invitations I’ve ever seen (click on the picture to be taken to the source): I need these. Oh, my goodness, how I need them. As you may know, Mr. Owl and I are both total Lord of the Rings nerds, and…

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    Engaged: a preview picture

    We had a few engagement photos taken yesterday by Mr. Owl’s older brother. And all I can think when I look at them is that I am marrying the most attractive man on the planet. I take one look at him and all of my organized thoughts leave in a jumble.   follow me on: bloglovin¬†|¬†chictopia¬†|¬†facebook¬†|¬†twitter¬†|¬†pinterest