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    Walking in a Winter Wonderland

    As the New Year gives us a fresh start, I thought it would be most appropriate to share the first snow of the year, which is fresh and clean in and of itself! There is something magical about the snow, and the first days of the new year;  both are crisp and new, both wipe the slate clean, both instill a sense of wonder and excitement for the times ahead. To start out the new year with snow feels incredibly appropriate. It’s always hard to write the first post of the year, for me. I always want it to be something special, yet, generally, nothing has really happened in those…

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    Peter pan collar, hearts, and more ways to mix patterns

    When I first started writing longer stories, I thought that writing would always come in the flood that happened whenever I sat to type. I though that a writer who had the gift never lost that gift — that prose would be easy, as it was for me at the time, that writer’s block only happened for a week or two, that I’d never run out of stories to tell and obsess over and perfect. But for the last three or four years, I haven’t felt that surge to write. I don’t think of myself as a writer any longer because I don’t sit for hours typing away through chapters…

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    Graphic cardigan and star-print tights

    The stars in her eyes Reflect the grandiose dreams of One who has seen it all, yet Desperately hopes for more Dreamer, is she Creator of worlds beyond the seen Harbinger of the doom or success Of fictional creatures she hoards In the depths of her mind’s palaces Dreamer, Lost and found again Rejecting the hard cold truth for A prison of faeries’ making Buried deep beneath the intoxication Of voraciously consuming words Breathing in the scent of Pages long since penned by Authors whose bodies rot And feed the needs of the earth’s fauna And flora Dress and tights, Target | cardigan and necklace, c/o Oasap | boots, Kohl’s…

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    Sparkle and Shine

    I’m sorry if I look slightly annoyed in these pictures; it’s hot and I was feeling a bit sick. And then Asa started crying, so we didn’t have time to shoot more pictures. Ah, this weekend has not been good for taking outfit photos; on Saturday I wanted to get shots of my outfit but realized the camera batteries were both dead and we were taking a trip up to Port Townsend so we couldn’t charge the batteries… so… no camera. I hate those days when you love what you’re wearing, but then things just stack against being able to get pictures. But, oh well. We had lots of fun…

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    Collaborative writing (I am not good at it.)

    I recorded this last Friday, and I finally re-watched it right now. I say “it’s interesting” a lot. Funny how you don’t notice your verbal habits until you start vlogging again! So excuse the repeated phrases, and the distraction at the end. Haha! But in regards to collaborative writing vs independent writing: what are your strengths and weaknesses? bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press