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    A New Beginning

    I miss writing and vlogging, so what better than to put them together? Happy Saturday! bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press

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    Life update

    Hi there. Just a little update; I’ve been sick as a dog for the past five or so days, and I haven’t taken outfit pictures in approximately two weeks. I have, however, been writing. For those of you that have been around forever, I finally moved back to posting on FictionPress, after a long stint of being wary. So if you’re a fan of reading and want to check it out, here’s the prologue for the story I’m currently working on. Enjoy! He was a typical bad boy. Leather jacket, roughed-up jeans, scuffed boots, and a head of dark hair that fell over his forehead just enough to make her…

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    New favorite florals

    May I introduce to you… my new favorite dress. Oh. My. Goodness. I love this dress. I want to wear it all the time, everywhere. It’s the perfect floral print, the perfect beautiful colors, the perfect length, the perfect twirliness, and it has pockets! I mean, what more could a girl want? I had a bit of luck at the thrift store this week, and scored three gorgeous vintage 1970’s dresses (one of which you’ll see later this week!) that I can’t wait to over-wear come warmer weather! And by “warmer”, I mean warm enough not to have to still wear a coat in the morning.  I am so in love.…

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    Dark Tower: Chapter Three

    Gosh, I am SO behind. I got to 7k and suddenly got distracted. So now my goal is to write upwards of 10,000 words by… Friday. It’ll be fun. When Rosalyn left her mother’s chambers, she found herself wandering aimlessly through the castle, so deep in her thoughts that she noticed not who passed her nor where her steps would take her next. Her heart contracted every time she thought of her mother’s announcement. What could she do? She had no power to keep the Queen from marrying unless she herself married first and forbade Lilith to take a husband. But who could she marry? The foppish Prince of Semlick,…

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    Dark Tower: Chapter Two

    This blog might just be spammed with storytelling for November, let me warn you. Especially with the time change meaning that the light is totally gone by the time Mr. Owl gets off work, so we have very few days to take outfit pictures. If you haven’t seen the first chapter and don’t know what this is all about, click, and read. Otherwise, enjoy. 🙂 Chapter Two Rosalyn woke the next morning with grit in her eyes and a heaviness weighing down her heart. Yet, her mind was clear. She had no doubts that her mother was already planning to marry her to whomever suited the Queen’s wishes; likely a…