I pictured this going better in my head.

Since I’m trying to get to 500 posts by Toby’s Bloggyversary, I’m splitting my posts for a while. One will be an outfit post, the other one… whatever else I have to say that day.

So the title of this post is actually a search term someone used to find my blog the other day. I thought it was funny. And then, oddly enough, the title of the post applied to my outfits today, and an item of clothing I bought last night.

See, I didn’t actually start today wearing the above outfit. I was wearing this:

And don’t get me wrong, I like that outfit a lot. But I just didn’t feel like wearing it. I feel like I’ve been wearing that skirt a TON lately, and I’m tired of it. Plus, once I start doing the 30-for-30 challenge, I’ll only have four skirt options– well, nine, if you count that all the dresses can also be skirts– and I’ll probably get sick of styling it.

This skirt is actually a dress. A vintage/thrifted dress that I altered because I didn’t like the top…and then I’m not sure about my remodeling of the top, so maybe I’ll just chop it into a skirt. Because I really love it as a skirt. It has POCKETS! I love pockets. And florals. And vintage clothing. Vintage always fits me better than modern cuts, because I have such a small waist and wider hips… and the modern world doesn’t generally allow for that.

I think that these are the weirdest earrings ever. Turtle cat? Yeah. But also, I love them.

Owl of the day:

Last but not least, the last item of the 30-for-30 challenge, as promised.

You will be shocked.


Or maybe not.

Click through to see what it is.


It has been about six months since I’ve worn a pair of jeans. It feels weird, and I can’t quite figure out how to style them  so that they are “me.” Because jeans just really aren’t my thing… but after being jealous of how well other fashion bloggers wear their jeans, I have been wanting to buy a pair. Granted, I only tried them on because they were on the clearance rack for $6, but they fit quite well… for jeans.