I pictured this going better in my head.

Since I’m trying to get to 500 posts by Toby’s Bloggyversary, I’m splitting my posts for a while. One will be an outfit post, the other one… whatever else I have to say that day.

So the title of this post is actually a search term someone used to find my blog the other day. I thought it was funny. And then, oddly enough, the title of the post applied to my outfits today, and an item of clothing I bought last night.

See, I didn’t actually start today wearing the above outfit. I was wearing this:

And don’t get me wrong, I like that outfit a lot. But I just didn’t feel like wearing it. I feel like I’ve been wearing that skirt a TON lately, and I’m tired of it. Plus, once I start doing the 30-for-30 challenge, I’ll only have four skirt options– well, nine, if you count that all the dresses can also be skirts– and I’ll probably get sick of styling it.

This skirt is actually a dress. A vintage/thrifted dress that I altered because I didn’t like the top…and then I’m not sure about my remodeling of the top, so maybe I’ll just chop it into a skirt. Because I really love it as a skirt. It has POCKETS! I love pockets. And florals. And vintage clothing. Vintage always fits me better than modern cuts, because I have such a small waist and wider hips… and the modern world doesn’t generally allow for that.

I think that these are the weirdest earrings ever. Turtle cat? Yeah. But also, I love them.

Owl of the day:

Last but not least, the last item of the 30-for-30 challenge, as promised.

You will be shocked.


Or maybe not.

Click through to see what it is.


It has been about six months since I’ve worn a pair of jeans. It feels weird, and I can’t quite figure out how to style them  so that they are “me.” Because jeans just really aren’t my thing… but after being jealous of how well other fashion bloggers wear their jeans, I have been wanting to buy a pair. Granted, I only tried them on because they were on the clearance rack for $6, but they fit quite well… for jeans.



  • Bethly

    *jaw drops* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

    I for one, am quite shocked! I never thought about how I’ve never seen you in pants before… but seeing them it’s like… whoa! And they’re so cute on you! 😀

    Hehehe. That reminds me of a joke my best friend and I had about two story characters. We were bouncing ideas off of each other, and I said, “He asks her how her sewing is coming along and she says, ‘Look! I made pants!’ His reply…” and I made this horrible croaking/gasping sound. 😛 It was pretty hilarious.

    • Mara

      Yeah, I haven’t worn jeans in about six months, so… it’s really weird. They feel weird. I’m so not used to jeans! But they’re handy for days like today, going to the roller skating rink. I fell over trying to avoid crashing with a kid… and then a few minutes later, I was going full-speed and another kid cut in front of me and to avoid the crash I ran straight into the wall. It was face vs the wall, and the wall won. Hehe.

      Hahaha! That’s great!

      • Bethly

        I used to wear jeans for everything. Dark wash with a fluttery top for semi-formal occasions, regular ‘ole blue jeans for pretty much everything else, and five year old faded jeans for painting, cleaning, and car washing. But now that work has me in khaki pants 4-5 days out of 7, dresses and skirts are a new necessity. I used to love bringing femininity to a pair of pants, but nothing beats a twirly skirt or fancy dress. 🙂 I’m still working on my Bennet dress revolution wherein it’s socially acceptable to wear Austen inspired gowns everywhere. (Not that I really care what’s socially acceptable :P) I’m thrilled to death that feathered hair pieces are coming back! It’s so Regency!!! AAAHHH!

        • Mara

          Yeah, I used to wear jeans for everything, too. Dresses and skirts were a Sundays-only thing. But now that I’ve worn them for six months straight, it’s easier for me to wear a dress/skirt than it is to wear jeans. Which I think is sort of funny.

          I will join you in the revolution! 😀 Yay for Austen-esque gowns!

  • Demy

    WOW!!!! This is the last item of the 30 for 30?????!!!!! Shocked!!! I really like that you choose the jeans, because they really look great on you! 😀 I can’t wait to see how you’re gonna style them! 😀 😀

    I love so so much this outfit! This skirt (former dress) is really gorgeous, look at this amazing print!! I adore your yellow top as well! It’s a perfect eye-catcher and the details on the shoulders are really pretty!!! And LOL at the turtle cat earring!!!! 😀 It’s such a special beautiful piece! I’m loving your owl ring too! Owls seem to be everywhere in the blogosphere lately and I love so so much this craziness! Owls are wise! 😛

    And last but NOT least, your new hair rocks! I’m loving the new color! 😀 But in the first pics is it dyed or does it just look kinda more blond because of the sun??

    • Mara

      I told you you’d be surprised! I may regret choosing jeans, but I want to re-learn how to wear them. So it’ll be a good way to learn, by being limited. I’m so excited to start the 30-for-30!

      Thank you! That’s why I love thrift stores so much– you can find so many more interesting patterns there, and more unique garments. Hehe, the turtle-cat earrings… so weird. I think someone made them by hand. You know, I haven’t seen many owls in the blogosphere, but I am really bad at reading blogs in general. 😀

      I think it looks blonder firstly because of the contrast of the new hair, and also because of the lighting. The blonder side of my hair was turned towards the light. 😀