Matching yellow florals and being fearless on the internet.

A month ago, my husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. You saw photos from the weekend trip we took, and now, finally, I’m sharing the matching outfits I made for us! I had forgotten we had even taken photos of my skirt and his shirt, probably because he was too cold to brave no jacket or scarf for these photos. But when I came across them again, I got excited.

I do have a video planned of how I made the shirt and the skirt, but it’s been on my phone in clips for so long now that I keep forgetting I even have it! I’ve yet to post anything new on  my YouTube channel this year, but hopefully that will change this week. I’ve got a sewing video, a possible “follow me around” type video filmed, and a few ideas for some makeup and hair videos that I hope to film soon. 

I think I have been a little hesitant to really commit to filming lately, because  I don’t want to disappoint people. But as is always the case, I have to remember that I shouldn’t rely on what other people want me to do for my own content (unless, of course, it’s a spontaneously requested video). I should create what I want to create, and if people don’t like it they don’t have to watch or read. I’m a people-pleaser at heart. I love to make other people happy with whatever I do, so I have to constantly remind myself that with things like creating content… the creation should be for myself. Ultimately there will always be someone who doesn’t like what I do, who doesn’t like me, my face, my style, my videos, my taste, my… whatever. And, that’s okay!  The world does not revolve around me or any other one person, as much as my toddler would disagree and insist the world is all about her. 

So this year my goal with creative content is just to do it. And not to worry whether people like or dislike it. I created a short poll on my Instagram account as to whether people wanted to see makeup videos from me, and an astounding  80% voted yes, but that little 20% got to my brain and made me think “oh nobody wants to see that”. Which is absolutely ridiculous.  It reminded me how even if you get a thousand compliments, one negative comment can dig in and stay. And conversely, if you get one negative comment, don’t let it affect you because 80% of the world thinks you’re a-ok.

So, that’s one of my goals for the new year. Just create what I like, and not care if people don’t like it. Because ultimately, I want to be able to look back and be happy with what I’ve made. I don’t want to look back and see a bunch of content I made only because I felt others wanted it.

This post turned completely into something I didn’t expect! But… uh… that’s how it is with my blog, ha! I hope you all go forth this year and create things that make you happy and proud of what you do, and don’t be daunted by the naysayers!

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  • SaraLily

    OK first, I cannot express how much I love these photos! The fog! The middle of the road! The yellow lines! Seeing you AND Nehemiah in front of the camera! WOOOOO! So cute to see you both working it. I think Nehemiah was totally feeling himself.

    OK second, i’m gonna tell you what I tell myself and everyone else who wants to create content – JUST DO IT. Don’t make any rules or plans based on what others might think – the key is just consistency. Just START and KEEP GOING and you’ll gain momentum and a voice and a direction. Viewers will come and go but that isn’t the only reason you do it so it’s all good! Just have FUN! And be YOU! =)

  • Kara

    I second everything the gorgeous Sara Lily said – first, this photoshoot is amazing! It makes me want to stalk some fog for my next shoot…..

    And second – I think we all have a tendency to listen to the negative and brush off the positive. Simply because the negative often echos our own insecurities. But, if we create a blog as a safe space for our creative expression…then it should express US, right? Not someone else’s desire for what we should be. I’ve found the only way for a blog to be sustainable is to post in a way that is authentic and true to you. And I would be really excited to see anything you create! xxx