Saturday’s Fashions

Hello lovelies!

I’m still sick, so instead of an outfit, I’mwearing my owl pajamas. They’re adorable. Like me! (ha!)

Sadly, I will most likely  not even get dressed today.

So! Let’s not focus on how sick I am. Let’s focus, instead, on one of my favorite style bloggers and how gorgeous she is: Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman. I awarded her with the stylish blogger award a few days ago, and I thought I should feature her this week. Because I love her style.

She’s almost always wearing a dress(hey, does that sound familiar?) and she’s nearly always in color. What more does a girl need, really?

Seriously. She’s adorable. And beautiful.

And I really, really need some yellow tights.

And some red tights.

And, as you can see, she has a cat. And we all know that the bloggers with the cats are the best ones. Right? Right.

So go check her out. You won’t be sorry!

Click through to vote on my week’s outfits.

Outfit polls: it feels like forever since I’ve done a Saturday Fashion post… but I guess it’s only been a week. (That IS forever… if you’re five…)

Here are the week’s outfits:

And… vote!

I’m off to write. And maybe update my writing website with some shiny new features/pictures/book covers.

But first, I  need to refill my coffee cup.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

P.S. I completely rearranged my room, and because it is so lovely right now, I may give you a video tour. Sound good?