Dior’s New Look

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After organizing my closet by spring colors and packing away all of my woolen winter garb and fall shades, I’ve been far more inspired to get dressed every day. It’s no longer an overwhelming process of digging and digging for the right thing, or staring at my wintery clothes that were prevalent in the space while yearning for florals. Everything is out in the front and easy to look at. I wish I had packed my winter clothes away ages ago!

Today’s outfit was directly inspired by a look from The Closet Historian. Specifically, the black jacket/pink skirt combo in this video. I have never been big on black and pink together, but something about her outfit just spoke to me, and after a long search for the perfect pink skirt I happily stumbled upon this sparkly number on a weekend trip with my mom. While thrifting in one of our favorite giant thrift stores — from which I’ve come away with vintage nearly every time — I found this lovely sequined skirt and bought it despite the size 4 tag. To my joy, it fits! I often forget that with circle skirts, I can fit a size quite a bit smaller than my dress size (10/12) as my waist has a lot of SQUISH. Before I had kids, I could often fit size 0/2 swing skirts. Oh, to have that 27″ waist back!

New Look-7 Jacket, Vintage (similar here, here, here) | Skirt, thrifted (similar here, here, here) | belt, from another dress | hat, vintage (Similar here, here, here) | shoes, Amazon

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And of course, one cannot really wear a look like this without acknowledging how similar it is to Dior’s New Look, especially that one photo we all know of. The platter hat, the fitted jacket, the full skirt; it is the epitome of what many people think of when they think of 1950’s style or vintage style. This outfit alone may have convinced me to wear more petticoats (and buy more) a-la my best babe Sara of How can one not want to be this fluffy all the time?

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PS if you notice a more casual turn in my photos, I suppose I don’t really NEED to explain it to anyone but I will just say I’ve given myself leave to share whatever the heck I want here, because I was stressing out so much about producing perfectly staged photographs. And that’s not what I want to be all about. It’s about the style, after all, not how perfect my photos are. Right? I should hope, anyway! I still aspire to produce beautiful photos, but on days like today when all I have is 10 minutes to shoot before I’ve got to leave, it’s still ok to share. Because this outfit deserves to be seen. Ha!

New Look-6New Look-16Jacket, Vintage (similar here, here, here) | Skirt, thrifted (similar here, here, here) | belt, from another dress | hat, vintage (Similar here, here, here) | shoes, Amazon

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