Saturday’s Fashions

Details: Necklace($15) and shoes(unknown, Target; Top, unknown; Skirt($4.99)

Today  was another one of those “try on a million and three outfits before you like what you’re wearing” days. I almost gave up after my second photoshoot (it takes so much energy to do pictures on rainy days. I don’t know why.) but after looking through a bunch of lovely Chictopia pictures, I decided I shouldn’t settle for an outfit that makes me feel frumpy.

And then, after finally putting this outfit together and taking some decent pictures, I realized that an awkward strand of my hair was loose and flying out where it shouldn’t have been. Thank goodness I know how to edit things like that away.

So! It’s Saturday! Which means that you get to choose which of my outfits you like best from last week. I know that I didn’t do a poll last Saturday,  but I’m not going to include those outfits in this week’s poll because there are only three of them… and I don’t feel like it. 😀 (To be honest, I don’t feel like doing anything today,  but I had to at least be presentable for my niece’s birthday party, so I got dressed.)

Random nice things about being healthier: 1. the ribbing on this shirt used to stretch a little too much and reveal whatever undergarments I was wearing. It doesn’t do that any more. 2. the lady working at Goodwill while I was jeans-shopping ( I have no pants. I realized that I do need pants for certain occasions. I want bright red ones.) held up a pair of size 9 jeans ( bit too small) and said “These ones are so cute; I bet you could fit your skinny butt into these.” 3. My uncle asked me this morning if I’ve lost weight.

I feel like every time I mention things about weight-loss, I’m either making it seem like I’m asking for compliments OR making it seem like I’m obsessed with my weight. I want you to know that I’m not doing either one. I just can’t help but point out things that make me happy, whatever those things may be. Sometimes it’s about my family, sometimes it’s about writing, sometimes it’s about my cat, sometimes it’s about weight. And whatever that thing is, I usually share it with you. Not for any other reason than that it makes me happy.

Just so you know.

Also, I have a tan and it is weird. In a good way. (I haven’t had golden skin in at least three years.)

I’m going to go try to write for a few minutes before I have to leave.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

New Feature: I have seen a lot of fashion bloggers include pictures of other ways they’ve styled a certain garment, and I like that idea. So I’m being a copycat.

Other ways I’ve worn this skirt and shirt: