I feel like a Technicolor cowgirl. Y’all.

Details: Top ($4) and skirt($5), thrifted; Shoes(under $10), Target; Belt and jewelry, gift/inherited.
Approximate outfit cost: $19 

 Seriously. I am so colorful today. And… sort of… southern ish. I think it’s the belt.

Also, if I had worn a belt around my hips like this a few months ago, I’d have been extremely self-conscious. But today? well, it’s the first time I’ve ever worn something at my hips and NOT felt chubby and smooshy and fat. I don’t know if you even care, but it’s nice to not feel like the belt is drawing attention to ginormous hips.

This belt belonged to my grandpa. I snagged it recently when mom brought home a bunch of stuff my grandma was getting rid of; it was meant for my dad, but I don’t think it would fit him. 😀 So it’s mine now. And I love it muchly. I’ve been needing a belt that would fit my hips and not my waist. (Hah, it’s kind of hilarious how many inches are left between the end of the belt and the buckle when I try to fit my other belts around my hips.)

I love this bracelet– it was a birthday present from grandma, and it goes perfectly with the ring I stole from my mom. (hehe, because it doesn’t fit her; it was hers in seventh grade. I wear it every day, and it feels weird when I don’t have it on.)

So I got a little kooky with some of the pictures, because I felt so darn southern. This one is the worst:

Yeah. I don’t even know.

Someone commented on my Saturday’s Fashion post about how it’s pretty gutsy to put up pictures of outfits that don’t work on me…and I was just like… uh… you haven’t been around for long, have you? 😀 I mean, I post pictures of myself being an idiot, so… it’s safe to say I really don’t care too much what people think. So long as it makes them laugh. And you should all know that I’m pretty much a dork anyway, from posts like this one.

But let’s not focus on how I like to make a fool of myself, shall we?

I’ve been writing today! It’s so frustrating!

Not because I’ve been writing, but  because the weather is temptingly sunny, and I can’t see my laptop’s screen when I sit outside. So it’s either sit in here with the window open and write, or go outside and… not write. I hate it when I have to make these kinds of decisions.

And, obviously, I’ve chosen to sit inside and write. Although I may go for a walk soon. I mean, how could anyone resist going outside when this is what the window presents?

Darn the sunshine and my inspiration for coming out at the same time.

Also, I have finally found flowers that do not kill me dead:

I can smell them all I want, and I won’t die. It’s lovely.

Well! I’m off to take a walk, and then to write some more. (I’m working on My Beloved, if you’re curious.) And also to make some lunch, because I’m suddenly starving. Could have to do with the fact that I didn’t eat breakfast. *ahem* But that’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone.

Have a beautiful Tuesday!


  • Demy

    Hello hello! 😀 Love love LOVE this outfit! The color of the top looks stunning on you and woooow the belt is perfect! It’s so nice to find things that belonged to your grandparents, they look cool and they have this awesome vintage feel on them 🙂 You look wonderful, really! And your body is simply amazing, just for the record! 😀 Oh and I think that you are one of the most cool people in the world! You’re not obsessed with your self image and that makes you so much more different from the other bloggers who pose in front of the camera and they always want to look perfect. You know what I mean. Your window is so nice 🙂 And so is the view 😀 From my window I see the beach. NOT good. Really not good. Especially when you have to study for exams. SO not good! aaah! Looking forward to reading My Beloved *after exam period* 😀
    Goodnight (yes..goodmorning ;))

    • Mara

      Thank you! I really love this shirt– hehe, I’ve worn it quite a lot since I bought it, and the color makes me SO happy! And I agree, I love inheriting things that belonged to my grandparents– it’s especially special because my grandpa died quite a few years ago, so… another thing to remember him by. 🙂

      Haha! I can’t take myself seriously. I’d love to always look perfect, but I’m not perfect so I might as well have fun and be an idiot. 😀 My parents definitely instilled me with a healthy dose of… not being vain. I’d much rather make people laugh than always look perfect. It’s much more fun.

      Ooh, the beach! Sounds so lovely! I want to go to the beach. And take a nap in the sunshine. Haha, yes, finish your exam period before you start reading things again! Who knows, it might take me that long to get this first chapter edited. 😉 Goodnight! (good morning. Whatever. 😀 )

  • Marge Katherine Mercurio

    I adore the outfit and especially the price! I am always dressed in the same sort of clothes and would love someone to go thru my closet and find new ways to assemble me. Boring me. However, my walls are bright, colorful and bold!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Mara

      Thank you! I was the same way about a year ago, and then I decided that I wanted to be more “me” (feminine) and wear skirts all the time… and now I sort of actually have a style. 🙂

      I love colorful walls! It’s funny, my walls are boring and white. I miss having painted walls. 🙂