I was looking back through my archives today, and it’s amazing how much I’ve changed. I think I’ve finally settled into my own style, and I’ve quit trying to look like other people. I’ve become more comfortable with my body, I’ve learned to reject beautiful garments if they don’t fit me right, and I’ve realized that it’s okay to follow a certain formula so long as it works for me.

This outfit definitely follows my formula: a comfortable top (preferably vee neck, but not so deeply cut that I have to wear a camisole beneath), a full (twirly) skirt, lots of colors, and a belt. I used to try to wear accessories since I have a lot that never get worn, but… I’m really  not an accessories person. Rings tend to get in the way (I do love them, though), bracelets are too big for my wrists, and necklaces seem to battle with my necklines.

But that’s okay. My style works for me.

Speaking of formulas: I have worn this belt almost every time I wear a skirt. It’s a little bit embarrassing how much I wear this belt. If you look back through my outfits in the past two months, I wear this belt with almost everything. I should probably give it a rest and wear some of my other belts.

What can I say? I resort to favorites. And the same could be said of these shoes in the past few weeks. I wear them a lot.

Also embarrassing: I didn’t realize I had a run in my tights until I saw this picture. I think it’s time to buy new tights.

I know. I am just the epitome of put-together and spotless.

Psh. Not.

I should wear this skirt more often. I don’t know why I haven’t worn it in almost a year, but… I haven’t. It’s so girly and twirly and fun! And flowery. And colorful. It should be amongst my most-worn skirts.

Although the colors are not colors I normally wear, so perhaps I just need to get more purples, pink, and browns… or think up some unusual color combinations and wear it with whatever I have already.

More favorites: these earrings. There’s something very charming about them. I don’t know why. Outside of my plethora of owl earrings, these ones are the ones I wear the most.

There can never be too many pictures of these shoes.

And in case you noticed, yes. I was wearing a ring in these pictures, but it’s pretty clunky and after I was done photographing the outfit I decided I didn’t feel like wearing the ring after all. Which is why I haven’t included it in pricing. Because I didn’t wear it for more than the fifteen minutes pictures take me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Also, in case you noticed the lack of glasses recently, it’s just that I hate dealing with the glare of lights in my glasses, and I have no way to get rid of the glare. Too poor to buy anything to fix it. But I will hopefully get contacts soon, and then I won’t have to be blind while taking pictures. 😀