Tuesday’s Adventure: Fort Worden

I can’t believe how backed up I am on sharing adventures with you all! It was over 2 weeks ago that Mr. Owl and I went to Fort Worden on a whim. I had been there before, although I never realized they had a lighthouse, but Mr. Owl had never explored the park. There are a lot of things to see there– a lighthouse, abandoned military bunkers, beautiful old military housing you can still rent, the beach, cliffs, a castle…

You’ve already seen the above two pictures, but I didn’t want to post about this trip without them. The lighthouse was the first place we went, since it was the thing we had originally come to see, and it was about what I expected. We didn’t get to go inside, since it was only open on certain days for tours, but we sort of poked around and peeked through windows and clambered on the rocks nearby.

The abandoned military bunkers are the real attraction of Fort Warden, I think. They’re big, they’re empty, they’re cement… and creepy as all get-out if you don’t have a flashlight!

We explored the outside for quite a while before we finally got up the courage to go inside and have a look. There are quite a few places to poke around in, but the huge rooms in the main part of the bunker are the best. And by “best,” I definitely  mean “creepiest.”

I sort of accidentally scared Mr. Owl when we were peering into a completely dark back room and I pushed a door to get more light into the room. It clanged against the wall and reverberated through the room, and Mr. Owl jumped back a few feet, turned to me, and uttered “It’s not funny!” as I started giggling somewhat hysterically.

It WAS funny.

I think Fort Worden would be an awesome place to film a horror movie. There are these narrow hallways behind the rooms that go back and around from one end of the fort to the other, and they are seriously… if you don’t have a flashlight, you will be scared out of your pants.  And if your boyfriend uses the flash from his camera to light the way, you will possibly have a heart attack from the suspense of seeing a few flashes of hallway, and then darkness, and then a few flashes of hallway, and then darkness.

Let’s just say… I am not brave, and I will not walk flashlight-less through a cement-encased hallway that has drains to who-knows-where in the floors, that is so narrow anyone wider than me would touch shoulder-to-wall, that is filled with the sounds of the wind and the gurgling of the drains, and that is great for hiding if you are an axe-murderer.


Moving on.

Fort Worden also has a castle. Sort of.

So, probably not actually big enough to be qualified as a real castle, but they call it Alexander’s Castle (for reasons I am too lazy to research), and you can RENT this place! Ah! I so want to stay there! It’s so cool!

After exploring the base, much of which we didn’t take pictures of, we went off to wander through Port Townsend, which is nearby. We didn’t take many pictures, but we visited a few antique stores… and one very, very interesting store that was had “ohm” music playing, incense burning, and tons of books on being one with the earth.

I did like all the crystals on display, and the bird that was clambering all over behind the counter (a parakeet, I think…?). But the incense killed it for me. Incense gives me a headache.

And then after that, we went to a store where pillows were sold for $98. FOR ONE PILLOW. Ridiculous.

It was a pretty store, though.

All in all, Fort Worden is definitely one of my favorite places to visit.

And as a bonus, because I’m bad at keeping secrets, here’s a snip of something I made yesterday:

Now you tell me: is this print lemons, pears, or peppers? (The last one, not serious. That’s just what my aunt thought they were at first. Hehe.)

Have a wonderful day!

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