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30×30 Day 14: Contrast

On Friday, Mr. Owl and I went to a Vicci Martinez concert. I actually had no idea who she was, but apparently she came in third on the show The Voice, and I was very impressed by her talent. Seriously, if she came in third, I want to know who won first. She’s quite good!

But we weren’t really there to see her– we were there for the opening band, Perry Acker, who grew up across the street from Mr. Owl, and one of whom is Mr. Owl’s (other) best friend. It was very fun, although also very loud (why, oh why, do they have to have the speakers so darn loud?), and by the end of the night my ears were throbbing and my heels were sore from standing all evening.


The highlight of the evening had to be the homeless man who singled Mr. Owl and me out as we stood in line waiting to get in. He struck up a conversation, asking us all sorts of questions like “Are you going to marry this girl? Is he a good man? What do you do for a living? Will your job keep you off the streets?” and then he said something about a plan to New York that segued into a bit about not getting in the doghouse… and sprinkled in the middle was a nice little talk about how he must not be a fake man (Mr. Owl) because fake men don’t have beautiful eyes.

I had to agree with that one. The part about Mr. Owl having beautiful eyes, I mean. (And, of course, not being fake.)

And then, as expected, he ended it all with the line “well, since you are such a nice, nice man, can I ask you for some help?” and told us all about his problems. (He only had one eye and one arm, diabetes, and no upper teeth.) I had to give him credit for trying, and I was tempted to give him something even if it was just some change… but Mr. Owl pointed out later that he had been suspicious because the man was far into that “personal bubble” space, and yet he didn’t smell, and he looked pretty clean.

I don’t know much about homeless people, and I don’t actually like being too skeptical because I know there are real people out there who genuinely need the help… but if someone is living on and sleeping on the streets, wouldn’t they be kind of… not clean? Unless, as my friend pointed out, they cleaned up in a shelter or are recently homeless.

I sort of wish all homeless people were like that old man, though. I’ve had a homeless man sneak up behind me and my friend and scare the crap out of me on purpose (with a good old-fashioned “boo!” uttered in a deep, raspy, seriously creepy voice), so I’m not too fond of people on the streets who insert themselves into my bubble. But if they’re friendly, at least it can be an interesting (and laugh-worthy) experience.

And, as a side note, I don’t mind giving out change if I have some in my pocket. Really, I have a change jar at home that I forget about, so I might as well give it to someone who (hopefully) needs it.

I don’t know how this post got to be about homeless people.

Oh, well.

{Thrifted} Skirt: $4.99 |  Belt $2.99 | Shoes: $5.99 {J.C. Penney} Shirt: $6.08 {Romy} Cami: $8
{Total}  $28.05

 Have you ever had a weird experience with someone who is homeless? Or even a random funny experience with a stranger? Tell me about it!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  • mariecarolk

    There’s this guy in my city who hangs out near my church, but apparently he gets around to other places a bit. He’s a real character and tends to be really funny. He came up to me and my mom one time and was like, “Hey there ma’ams! I’m just a poor helpless Barbie doll and I just need some change for the bus!”

    He said some other stuff, but we didn’t have anything to give him so he left. Funny, but kind of weird because he didn’t smell or anything and looked pretty neat.

    In my city, there are a lot of really great homeless centers that provide food and places to sleep and the ability to get back on their feet so they can get jobs, so I feel like there really is no reason for anyone to be begging on the street. Yet I always see a lot of people asking for money. Which makes me think that, uh-huh, they don’t want that money for food or clothing. I did see a really cool idea on pinterest where this lady made blessing bags, ziplocs filled with essentials, to hand out to people. I kind of want to do that.

    And wow, this comment is long. I’m glad you had a good time at the concert lol!


    • Sarah McClung

      I’m loving all of your red shoes! They’re seriously making me reconsider my aversion to the color. I could never think of anything to wear with them, but you are proving me wrong!

    • Piccola Italiana

      Marie, his name is Black White Barbie. No seriously, that’s what he calls himself. He’s a hairdresser, I think…

      But as for crazy homeless people stories, when my mom and I went to Chicago a few years ago, we were walking downtown next to this young guy and girl. This homeless dude came out of nowhere with a cloth and ran up to the guy and said “I don’t mean no harm or disrespect, but your shoes could use some serious shining.” And the guy was like “Um, they’re sneakers…” and the man proceeded to shine his…uhh…tennis shoes. It was hilarious. But I live in the rough-ish part of St. Louis, so I pretty much have new stories every day 🙂

    • Mara

      Oh, funny! He sounds like an interesting character. Haha! Especially the Barbie part. 😀 
      I know, I always thought there wasn’t actually a good reason for people to beg because of the homeless centers that are everywhere. But still, I feel bad to turn them down. 

  • Comy

    Wow! I didn’t know that all three primary colors could look so good together. Honestly, I rarely wear more than two colors at the same time, because I’m afraid of looking like a parrot… But you make it look so easy! 

    I don’t really have any experiences with strangers to share, mostly because I don’t like talking to strangers (I’m a bit paranoid).

    Have a great Tuesday!

    • Mara

      I think blue almost counts as a neutral most of the time, somehow. So that makes it easier to wear three colors. Or having one item that has all three colors in it also helps. 😀

      I hate talking to strangers! If only I could keep them from approaching me!

      • Comy

        You are nice, so you look like a nice person. That’s why they approach you. That is the conclusion I’ve come to after hearing other people’s experiences. So, it can’t be helped.

  • Demy

    Hi! First of all, I really like this outfit and especially the belt! 🙂 You look adorable! And I’m glad you had a nice time, even though you felt a bit tired 🙂 
    And as for homeless people I live in a really really reaaaally small village and there aren’t homeless people, so I don’t have experience at all, but I don’t know..I think I’d be very sad to see people in this situation.. However this man sounds really nice and he is totally right about Mr. Owl’s eyes 😀

    • Mara

      Thank you!

      It’s good there aren’t homeless people in your village! I wish it was the same here, but I guess it’s unavoidable in big cities. 

  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    The sad truth is that a lot of homeless people are on drugs. I just wouldn’t give them money lest they’d waste it on something that wouldn’t help them. I think giving them actual food is a better idea.

    • Mara

      I know what you mean. I think it’s a good idea to go buy  a bag of food or coffee or something and give it to them rather than handing out money. That way, they’re getting what they asked for even if it’s not what they actually wanted. 😉

  • Salazar

    I don’t think I’ve ever had an actual conversation with a homeless person. Sadly in LA most of them are pretty messed up, so it’s better to not just engage them. I always tried to give them something if I could, but I always felt so guilty and helpless no matter what, because I know those changes won’t help much.

    Love the outfit, by the way. All the primary colors are great, and the floral belt is the perfect addition!

    • Mara

      Yeah, sometimes in Seattle it’s really hard not to be engaged by homeless people! They’re very good at coming up and begging, or giving you a life-story and asking for help, even if you were totally engrossed in a conversation for someone. 
      Thank you!

  • Jess

    I interact with a lot of homeless people at work, and (I’m sure it’s probably similar in other places) they seem to have their own politics, gossip and situations they deal with. It’s kind of fascinating; just like any other social group, there are leaders and helpers, and then some who are troublesome. Usually the ones with problems get weeded out though, or at least aren’t allowed in the library. They all keep us up to date on their life stories, though. It’s interesting.
    I think homelessness in Cardiganland is a bit different than begging on the street in the north, especially where I grew up (in a highly touristy area)–panhandlers half the time are just out for money. I usually am telling the truth when I tell someone asking for money that I don’t have any on me, since I never carry cash, but it makes me really uncomfortable to turn them down and to even be approached, and I know my discomfort comes across as falsehood to them. Can’t win ’em all, I guess.
    Also: love your outfit. You look fantastic, Mara.

    • Mara

      I bet it would be really fascinating! I think it would be a really interesting (partly scary) project to go around and photograph/interview homeless people. I bet some of them have great stories. 
      I always feel kind of bad turning them down, even if I do suspect they’re not really homeless, so I know what you  mean! I usually don’t carry cash, so at least I’m telling the truth! 
      Thank you. 🙂

  • squalorholler

    I’m loving all of your red shoes! They’re seriously making me reconsider my aversion to the color. I could never think of anything to wear with them, but you are proving me wrong! 

    • Mara

      Shoes are definitely the easiest way to add color to your outfit if you’re not a color-wearing person! You should try it out. 😉
      Thank you!

  • Jamie Rose

    Haha oh man. Your homeless man story was entertaining. I hate when people ask me for money. I’m an eternal skeptic so it would have to take a lot for me to hand anybody money. At least your homeless guy was nice. There’s some pretty creepy ones out there.
    Also, I love the pretty contrast in color in your outfit. You can never go wrong with blue, red, and yellow paired together!

    • Mara

      I always feel kind of bad turning people down, but yeah, at the same time I wonder if they actually need it or if they’re scamming. Oh well.