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{Thrifted} Dress: $8
{Target}  Heels: $6

… and then, the security guard kicked us out.

These are the pictures that we took in the outdoor shopping center before we got told we had to have permission from the property manager to take pictures. The security guard really was very  nice when he told us; he apologized for having to tell us to stop, and really he was just doing his job. But I don’t understand: I’ve heard of bloggers who have been shooed away because they have to have a photography license for commercial photography (aka, professional money-making photoshoots) in order to shoot somewhere, and if he had told us that was the case, maybe we would have been able to convince him it was just for a fashion blog.

But I’ve never heard of being shooed away from a public place because you have to have permission from the property manager. It’s not like it’s a gated community. It’s a shopping center, open to all public. So why not take pictures there?

There are only two reasons I can think of why: the privacy of anyone in the background, or there could be some sort of copyright (or whatever it would be called) with the stores and they didn’t want us photographing and stealing ideas. But as you can see, there was nobody in the background and no store names or merchandise in our camera range.

Has anyone else ever been told the same thing? Do you know why?

In other news, I’ve noticed that I have been wearing yellow a lot. I mean, in the past five outfits (this one included) only one didn’t have yellow in it. That might have become my staple color.

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  • Carrie’s trip to the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas was so pretty!

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