Flower girl

I have been feeling a lot more relaxed about posting lately; in my desire to post every day of the week for consistency, I ignored the fact that sometimes, I wasn’t too hot on the location with the outfit, or didn’t really like how the outfit looked on camera, or I hadn’t taken the time that day to really think about how my styling worked together. Plus, with Mr.  Owl and I both working, sometimes neither of us actually feels like taking pictures.

So I have decided that rather than post five days a week for constant and consistent content (alliteration, much?) I will only be posting when 1. I feel like it (which is actually more often than sometimes I have pictures for), 2. the outfit has come together pleasingly (because sometimes, even if it’s fine to other people, I’m just not happy with what I’m wearing), and 3. the location works well.

I’m hoping that you all will be willing to stick with me, even though I won’t be posting as much (or I might, who knows? Some weeks will be fuller than others!). I am hoping that I can start documenting more of Mr. Owl and my adventures and sharing those as well. Although since we’ve been sick (I still have a blasted cough, ugh!) we haven’t gone much of anywhere.

Mr. Owl took me to this field full of wildflowers sort of accidentally– not in that he didn’t know the field was there, but we had been hoping to catch the sunset in these pictures, and the sunset was not impressive in the slightest. So instead, I tottered around, my heels sinking, toes occasionally catching stray blackberry vines, being attacked by mosquitoes, and getting some annoyingly itchy hives while Mr. Owl told me I should squat in the patch of flowers.

It’s a good thing these pictures turned out, because I was sitting on a blackberry vine for a few of them.

But, as the last photoshoot in the midst of daisies proved, it’s really hard for me to be anything but happy when I’m surrounded by flowers. I would have willingly sat on the blackberry vine and been eaten by mosquitoes and aggravated by hives for quite a while longer just because flowers make me happy.

When I have my own house, I will plant sweetpeas (my birth month flower, also my favorite flower ever) and pearly everlasting (those white flowers) and daisies and bachelor’s buttons, and foxgloves, and all sorts of wildflowers. I think my favorite flower gardens are the wilder, more natural-looking ones.

I have a big bouquet of the pearly everlasting drying in my closet right now. I couldn’t resist picking them; they’re the most interesting flowers I’ve ever picked. The flower part is dry to the touch even as they grow, and as they dry they’re emitting the loveliest sweet smell.

I hope you all have had a good weekend! I bought myself a new comforter, which is actually the first comforter I’ve ever bought for myself. Is that sad? All of the blankets I’ve had before this were hand-me-down from somebody or another. But Target had some great comforters on sale for $25 (and usually the ones I like run in the $50-$100 range, which is way above my budget right now!) so I snagged this one, and I love it! It’s warm but light, and floral and red, so it definitely appealed to me.

Annnd that was the highlight of my week. Sometimes, I lead a very anticlimactic life.

Wait, make that always. 😉

{Thrifted} Dress: $7.99 | Shoes: $5.99 | Belt: $0.99
{Forever 21} Bracelets: $5.80

 I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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  • Alice

    I think you really just need to work out whatever posting patterns work best for you, I originally only wanted to do outfit posts but what with the weather in Scotland some weeks I can’t get out to do outfit posts at all (I do my own with a tripod and remote so rain and wind makes it waaay too dangerous for my camera) so I started posting about other aspects of my life to keep in regular. I can’t believe you were managing to post every day with a full time job though, hardcore! xo

    • Mara

      I for sure will. And posting other aspects in my life is definitely something I want to start doing, although I really love keeping it a fashion blog. 
      Well, I don’t work full time (although my boyfriend does!) but I think I had just gotten into the habit of doing daily outfit pictures, so having a job four days of the week didn’t make too much of a difference. It just changed when I could take pictures. 🙂

  • Ashwini Chaudhari

    stunning pics lady! love ur eye pic (the eye liner is done soo well!) and the lil flower in your hair..good idea!
    hope u r njoying ur new comforter 😉

  • Franziska

    Your eye make up is so pretty – what eyeliner do you use?

    I can’t believe you thrifted all of those items – they are all so beautiful! I really need to go thrifting more. 

    • Mara

      Thank you! I can’t remember; it’s kind of old, and I totally need to get new eyeliner soon. But the bottle looks like the Prestige liquid eyeliner (I did a little online search for it), so that’s possibly what it is! 

      I am a little bit addicted to thrifting; last year, I don’t remember buying anything that wasn’t thrifted. Cold months are the best time to go, by the way. It seems like I always find better items in the fall and winter, for some reason!

  • Sarah With A Bow

    I support only posting when you’re proud of what you have to offer. (: Also, this set of photos is incredible–totally worth the heel tottering and blackberry bushes.

  • Picco

    This really doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but I just wanted to let you know that I wear the 2 dresses I bought from you pretty much every day. And when they’re in the wash I feel like a part of my life is missing. Seriously.

    Also, it’s really fun to take pictures of myself doing dramatic-stare-off-into-the-distance-and-look-down-at-the-ground-and-spin-around-a-bit Mara poses when I’m wearing them and then send them to Marie. I pretty much pretend I’m you daily.

    • Mara

      I was just thinking about those dresses yesterday and wondering if you still love them! I’m so glad you do. 😀 Hehe. 

      One day you should send me a picture of your pretend-me poses. I’d love to see! 

  • Salazar

    I am so with you on the idea of posting only when you have something worthwhile to post. I’ve been posting less consistently as well, but I’m happier with what I put up.

    And that’s a gorgeous location. Yes on the wildflowers! I would love to plant wildflowers around my future house too (but then would they be “wild” anymore?)

  • Booksphotographsandartwork

    That first picture of you is so gorgeous! One of the best ever! The colors are fantastic together and love that dress.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! You’re so sweet! I love this dress, too. Although, the material is very light, and I always manage to wear it on a really windy day so my skirt’s always trying to fly up. Which is amusing… mostly…