Golden Hour || Lindy Bop, Oxford Heels, and a Vintage Camera

I wore this dress on the first day of All Dress April, but these photos are from exactly one month ago when I was on a little weekend holiday with my mom. We had just gotten dressed to go out for dinner when I saw  how beautiful the light was coming over the ocean, and I had to take photos. I had never taken “golden hour” photos before. Where I live, it’s a bit difficult to capture the golden evening light as most places in town are overshadowed by trees that block out the evening sun. Evening photos around my home are usually shadowed and dim, and lacking that beautiful glow. 

I was so excited to get photos in my first ever golden hour photoshoot, and this is the photoshoot that has really spurred me to try  harder, to search longer, and to be pickier about where I shoot. I have shot in my yard a few times since these photos, but as you’ll see later this week I have tried to be a little more creative with how I shoot yard photos.     

You may have noticed (or maybe not!) I took an unintentional break this last week. I’ve realized lately that when the weather is gloomy, I tend not to blog unless I’ve completely written a post and had it ready to go. I often feel like if I can’t get outside to take photos, I can’t blog. This from all those years of posting almost daily, and having to take my photos the day I posted them! Now, I have about three posts waiting for me to write them up, and it’s still a new concept. Me, have posts ready to go ahead of time? What? When it’s not absolutely required of me (as in, collaboration posts), I tend to be much more relaxed about when I post these days!

But since I have been dying to share these photos, I had to finally get myself back into gear and write up a post. I’m still trying to figure out what to share in blog posts; I personally like it when bloggers are a bit more personal and chat about daily life, but I also know that actual clothing reviews can be SUPER helpful. So I’m thinking maybe I’ll try to add a bit more review into my posts (I’ve been testing it out lately) so that they can be informative, too!

But for now, I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I do! And I’m back into the swing of things. At least, until the baby is born. (8.5 weeks left what HAPPENED to the time!?)

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