Valentine’s Day Look: Retro Red Florals

Valentine's Day Look: Retro Red Florals | Hello!

I feel as though I’ve been gone so long that I’ve forgotten how to blog. This last week has been a crazy one; we moved back into my parents’ basement, and all week I have been working hard to get things organized, get rid of stuff, and furiously cleaning because apparently now that I’m over morning sickness (which lasted only three weeks, but was much more intense this time) and over the horrible chest cold I caught from Asa, nesting has already set in and I want to clean. every. single. thing.

I’m selling a few items from my closet — some of it vintage, most of it not– and if you want to wander through what’s still available, please do! Most of it is stuff that I’ve only ever worn once or twice, and it’s all in really good condition. One dress, I’ve never worn (it was sent to me by a friend who also never wore it, and she didn’t care if I sold it, so y’know). Right now shipping rates are hard for me to guess, so I may have to charge more if you’re international and buy several items, or I might refund you if my shipping guesses were way over what I actually needed to get it to you.

And, I am still going through my closet and dresser drawers, so more things will probably pop up throughout the week. I’ve got a friend who is pretty quick to snatch what she wants, though, so if you want anything, be quick! I can always reserve an items for you until Friday, when I ship things, just in case I add something later in the week that you want. Valentine's Day Look: Retro Red Florals | This past week, I have also been on Pinterest a ton, and I think it’s turning me into a naturalist. I discovered this post, which talks about a no shampoo method of using baking soda and apple cider vinegar or a citric rinse, and all of the other articles I’ve read (as well as lots of comments) have said that their hair has never been healthier. Shampoo tends to strip your hair of all its natural oils, so your scalp then overproduces to make up for it, and you end up needing to shampoo more and more often. Plus, your hair becomes clogged with product, and loses its volume, and all that fun stuff — my hair has gotten SO flat and lifeless lately — and the soda/ACV method will help clear all that up, doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils, and is generally just all around good. And also cheap.

I’ve also been wanting to try making my own cleanser using coconut oil, which I already love as you can use it for so many things. I think I’ve always been a little bit of a naturalist, but this year it’s really coming out, what with planning to garden and have chickens, knowing I’ll have a second baby with a midwife and no medications (unless I need them — and I’m not against painkillers or hospitals at all! Mamas are all amazing, no matter HOW they choose to have that baby. I just have a pretty high pain tolerance, I am terrified of needles (like dude, you got an epidural and the needle didn’t freak out out? THAT is impressive to me!), I hate swallowing pills, and I really love my midwife!)Valentine's Day Look: Retro Red Florals | Valentine's Day Look: Retro Red Florals |

But, I really love finding natural ways to care for my body, and if they’re going to save me money to boot, it’s definitely worth trying! Have any of you tried the No Poo method, or coconut oil cleansers? Let me know in the comments! And, let me know if you’re interested in hearing how it goes, and any questions you’d have so I can write a good info post in a few months!

Valentine's Day Look: Retro Red Florals |

Vintage dress, heels, and cardigan, thrifted | necklace, gift | flowers, who knows.

This outfit is what I had planned to wear today for a Valentine’s day tea party with my cousins and nieces. However, being pregnant I realized for one, the buttons are near to popping. For two, the sleeves dig into my arms any time I reach forward. And for three, well… pregnancy boobs. Enough said. So after taking pictures, because I’ve never worn the dress on the blog and it’s a shame, I decided to change into something that wasn’t in danger of cutting off my circulation or popping open over my belly, and all was well.

I’m hoping, if I have time, to do Valentine’s Day looks for pregnant women all week, (or not pregnant women, you know) because I love Valentine’s Day, and I have a few new dresses that would be adorable alternatives to red or pink. Even though this one… is very blatantly Valentiney. Haha!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

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