Valentine’s Day Lookbook: Bohemian

Valentine's Day Lookbook: Bohemian | www.eccentricowl.comValentine's Day Lookbook: Bohemian | Today I began my journey in the No Shampoo world. Since it’s the first day I’ve needed to wash my hair since I last shampooed, I took the advice of many sites I read and washed with a cheap clarifying shampoo first, to rid my hair of silicone before I go into baking soda directly. I conditioned with ACV, though, and my hair smells normal; not like vinegar t all. In fact, it smells pretty darn good! I noticed right away that I have more volume than when I shampooed and conditioned with regular products, and the ends of my hair where I’ve got splits and generally need trimming were not as frizzy after drying.

Dani recommended a different recipe for those of you wary of the baking soda, which is here. From everything I read about the baking soda/acv, it’s completely color safe, and the author — who has been doing this for two years now– has had no issues with lightening or bleaching or color stripping when she gets her hair dyed. She also has recipes for additonal conditioner to fix any straw-like feeling, and suggestions for what might need adjusting for specific situations (super dry, super oily, straw like, limp, etc).

One other site I read, the girl had dark blonde hair that, years later, has turned very light blonde. So, I’m thinking if your hair is lighter, it may slowly bleach or simply lighten up as your scalp evens up and all of the product washes out of your hair. But, none of the troubleshooting comments (and there are hundreds!) complained of accidental bleaching or color stripping. Valentine's Day Lookbook: Bohemian | Valentine's Day Lookbook: Bohemian | www.eccentricowl.comToday, as you can see, I decided to go a bit bohemian with my Valentine’s Day inspiration, for those of you who don’t want to be blatantly red and pink (which, I probably will be.) I love this dress from Stranger Bird Vintage; as soon as I saw it, I fell for the gorgeous color of the top, and the pretty detailing around the hem. Plus, I am a sucker for 70’s dresses. I think the pretty maroon color works really well for Valentine’s day, being very feminine and romantic without being super obviously Valentiney. Plus, it’s the color of the year. Win-win, right? Valentine's Day Lookbook: Bohemian | www.eccentricowl.comAnd obviously, I had to match my lips to the dress. It’s so funny, this hairstyle is actually not one of my favorites on myself — I love it on other people, but I feel like it makes my face look rounder — but every time I do my hair up in these braids, I get tons of comments and questions. Like, did I do it myself, how long IS my hair (people who don’t see the back and think it’s one long braid all the way around), how did I do it, etc. It’s seriously the easiest “I’m lazy, but I don’t want to LOOK lazy” style ever. I promise one of these days I’ll do a tutorial for those of you who have been asking.  Valentine's Day Lookbook: Bohemian |

And, not to be all cliche fashion blogger and only talk about my clothes and hair, but this outfit is just so perfectly made for this scarf, isn’t it? I am so, so in love with my plaid blanket scarf; it’s way bigger than I had expected when seeing it online, it’s soft, it’s the most gorgeous colors, and it is everything one wants in a plaid blanket scarf.

Valentine's Day Lookbook: Bohemian |

Dress c/o Stranger Bird Vintage | scarf c/o Oasap | boots, JC Penney | earrings, old | belt, thrifted

I hope you are all having a good week! I’m so looking forward to this weekend; it was my turn to plan a holiday, so I’ve planned some really, really exciting things for Valentine’s day and I am having a REALLY hard time keeping it secret from my husband. Do any of you have fun plans? What are they?

Happy Wednesday!


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