Three Years

Three Years | Three Years |

Since this day:

  • We’ve had two kids
  • We’ve lived in four different houses
  • We’ve owned three cars
  • We’ve lived with my parents
  • We’ve both worked for income
  • We’ve learned how to survive on just one paycheck
  • We’ve explored a pretty good part of Washington
  • We’ve visited the Goonies house
  • We’ve been to Hawaii
  • We’ve gone through the deaths of two beloved family members
  • We’ve had plenty
  • We’ve been very poor
  • We’ve seen the Middle Earth franchise come to an end (and it was sad)
  • We’ve learned to communicate better
  • We’ve learned to budget better
  • We’ve learned to love more
  • We’ve learned to rely on God more
  • And I’ve learned that you are still the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I wouldn’t want life any other way.

Happy Three Years, my love.

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