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    Three Years

    Since this day: We’ve had two kids We’ve lived in four different houses We’ve owned three cars We’ve lived with my parents We’ve both worked for income We’ve learned how to survive on just one paycheck We’ve explored a pretty good part of Washington We’ve visited the Goonies house We’ve been to Hawaii We’ve gone through the deaths of two beloved family members We’ve had plenty We’ve been very poor We’ve seen the Middle Earth franchise come to an end (and it was sad) We’ve learned to communicate better We’ve learned to budget better We’ve learned to love more We’ve learned to rely on God more And I’ve learned that…

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    Weddings and Memories

    This weekend, one of my best friends got married in Colorado Springs. I met her back when I was 17 and my dad had a job which moved us around the country, and we lived in New Mexico for nine months. She and I pretty much immediately hit it off right away over an impromptu session of singing Phantom of the Opera, and since then have been the best of friends. I could not be more thrilled for her! I used to reassure her that yes, one day she would get married. It was a great satisfaction to watch her do so, and say “I told you so!”  She was a beautiful…

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    Having a moment together right after the ceremony, reveling in the fact that we’re married. My absolutely beautiful maid of honor in the headband I made for her to wear. Gosh, she’s a natural beauty, isn’t she? (No makeup, this girl.) The wedding cake. I made the toppers, my aunt made the cake. It was SO perfect I can’t even tell you. I loved it.  I’ve never met a fluffy dress I didn’t twirl. Bonus of getting married in the winter: you get to wear really cute tights. Just a few random shots from my wedding that I love, because I didn’t get to do a six-month post as I…

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    Dress (gift): Modcloth Tights: Kohl’s Heels: Thrifted Mr Owl’s brother got married last Friday, and this dress came JUST in time to wear. My husband bought it for me (along with some awesome sunglasses) for Valentine’s day, but for some reason their sizing runs way large so we had to send away for a smaller size. I love it, though. I want to wear this dress all day every day forever. It’s twirly, it’s retro, it’s got heart pockets, and it’s just perfect. Also, my husband is dashing and I love him. *swoon* Happy Wednesday!   follow me on: bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram/Ink361  

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    Wedding Pictures, Part Three: Us.

    These are the last of the wedding pictures, and my particular favorites. To make the pictures extra special, we decided to take pictures on the same walk we took on our first date exactly one year before (well, minus a day…). We walked down by the water, visited the coffee shop where we met, and wandered by the beautiful Christmas tree. It was magical!     I’ve found my love, and it is bliss. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures! Have a beautiful Wednesday!   follow me on: bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram/Ink361